Research interests

Current topics

  • Detection and reconstruction of inclusions in elastic bodies by means of monotonicity-based methods as well as their linearization and regularization.

My research focus is on wave equations, with a focus on the elastic case: from wave propagation to postprocessing to the inverse problem. On the one hand my goal is to develop and analyze numerical methods and on the other hand to implement them.

Further topics

  • Stable boundary integral formulation of the acoustic wave equation as a transmission problem with mixed boundary conditions.
  • Stable numerical coupling of interior and exterior problems for the elastic and thermoelastic wave equation (by use of finite elements and leapfrog as well as boundary elements and convolution quadrature) as well as convergence and error analysis.
  • Implementation and numerical experiments of FEM-BEM coupling and time discretizations for the elastodynamic wave equation.
  • Multiscale decomposition based on physically motivated wavelets for the Laplace, Helmholtz, d'Alembert and elastic wave equation with numerical experiments.


Submitted papers

S. Eberle, B. Harrach, Shape Reconstruction in Linear Elasticity: Standard and Linearized Monotonicity Method (arXiv:2003.02598)

S. Eberle, F. Florian, R. Hiptmair, S. Sauter, A Stable Boundary Integral Formulation of an Acoustic Wave Transmission Problem with Mixed Boundary Conditions (arXiv:1907.01738)

M. Augustin, S. Eberle, FEM-BEM Coupling for the Thermoelastic Wave Equation with Transparent Boundary Conditions in 3D

Publications in peer-reviewed journals and book chapters

S. Eberle, B. Harrach, H. Meftahi, and T. Rezgui, Lipschitz Stability Estimate and  Reconstruction of Lamé Parameters in Linear  Elasticity (arXiv:1906.02194) Inverse Probl. Sci. Eng., accepted for publication

S. Eberle, An Implementation and Numerical Experiments of the FEM-BEM Coupling for the Elastodynamic Wave Equation in 3D, ZAMM, 99 (12), 2019

C. Blick, S. Eberle, Multiscale Density Decorrelation by Cauchy-Navier Wavelets, Int J Geomath, 10 (24), 2019

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S. Eberle, FEM-BEM coupling of wave-type equations: from the acoustic to the elastic wave equation: to appear in: Mathematics of Wave Phenomena (Eds.: W. Dörfler, M. Hochbruck, D. Hundertmark, W. Reichel, A. Rieder , R. Schnaubelt, B. Schörkhuber), Springer, 2020

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S. Eberle, Modeling and Simulation of Forest Fire Spreading, Lecture Notes in Earth System Sciences, Mathematics of Planet Earth, 811-814, Springer, 2013


S. Eberle, Forest Fire Determination: Theory and Numerical Aspects, PhD Thesis, University of Kaiserslautern, Dr. Hut Verlag, 2015

S. Eberle, Mathematical Aspects of Climate Monitoring by Radio Occultation (RO), Diploma Thesis, University of Kaiserslautern, 2010


Selected talks

Shape reconstruction in linear elasticity with monotonicity-based methods, IFIP Workshop on Inverse Problems, Imaging, and Optimization, Essen (2020)

Monotonicity-based methods for the reconstruction of inclusions in linear elasticity, Chemnitz Symposium on Inverse Problems On Tour in Frankfurt, Frankfurt (2019)

Solving the inverse problem of linear elasticity with monotonicity methods, ÖMG Conference, Dornbirn (2019)

Monotonicity-based detection of material inclusions for elastic bodies, Applied Inverse Problems (AIP) conference, Grenoble (2019)

Variational analysis of shape reconstruction in linear elasticity
, Applied Inverse Problems (AIP) conference, Grenoble (2019)

Detection and reconstruction of material inclusions in elastic bodies, Geophysikalisches Seminar, Goethe-Universität Frankfurt (2019)

The monotonicity method for the stationary elastic wave equation, Workshop on Numerical Methods for Optimal Control and Inverse Problems, München (2019)

Regularization techniques for wave equations, Chemnitz Symposium on Inverse Problems, Chemnitz (2018)

Coupling Problems of Wave-type Equations, Conference on Mathematics of Wave Phenomena, KIT Karlsruhe (2018)

Multiscale decorrelation reflected post-processing for the elastic wave equation, International Conference "Inverse Problems: Modeling and Simulation", Malta (2018)

FEM-BEM coupling for wave-type equations in 3d, Zurich Colloquium in Applied and Computational Mathematics, ETH Zürich (2017)

The 3d elastodynamic wave equation with transparent boundary conditions, SIAM Conference on Mathematical and Computational Issues in the Geosciences, Erlangen (2017)

Stable and convergent interior-exterior coupling of wave-type equations I: elastodynamics, SFB-Seminar (wave phenomena), KIT Karlsruhe (2017)

The Elastic Wave Equation and the Stable Numerical Coupling of its Interior and Exterior Problems, Kolloquium „Mathematische Methoden in den Natur- und Ingenieurswissenschaften“, TU Graz (2017)

Die Erde im Wandel - eine mathematische Herausforderung, Tag der Mathematik, Universität Tübingen (2017)

Boundary Integral Representation for the Elastic Wave Equation, Workshop Analysis and Advanced Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations, Strobl (2016)

Modeling of Forest Fire Spreading with Radial Basis Functions, Joint Mathematics Meetings, San Antonio (2015)