Counselling and Therapy Center for Refugees

Our center aims to support refugees and asylum seekers by providing counselling, psychotherapy, group therapy and other associated treatments. People who have fled their home countries, faced traumatic events and find themselves in insecure living conditions in Germany suffer from a variety of social as well as psychological problems.

They are dealing with questions such as:

  • Where do I stay?
  • What happens to me now?
  • How do I adapt to this country?

Apart from these social issues many people report suffering from extensive worrying about family members who remained in the home country. These worries as well as memories from difficult or traumatic experiences cause symptoms like problems with memory and concentration, sleeping disorders, sadness or mood swings.

Contact us:

Please call us or have a social worker call us and schedule an appointment. We will schedule a first consultation which includes a diagnostic interview. Based on this first consulation we either refer you to our out-patient clinic therapists or refer you to another service, for example physician or in-patient clinic. 

By Phone: 069 – 798 25366

By Email:

Our services are free of charge for refugees and asylum seekers!