Visiting Doctoral Students

Enrollment as a guest student (=non-degree seeking student)

If you are planning to come to Goethe University as a temporary student, you may apply for admission as a guest student for the period of your stay, if the following criteria apply to you:

  • You are not planning to receive a degree from Goethe University, but from your home institution – outside of Germany – only.
  • Your planed study period at Goethe University coincides – for the most part – with the following semester dates:

01 October – 31 March (winter term)
01 April – 30 September (summer term)

Even if you are not following courses and are doing research work instead, the semester dates apply to you, if you seek enrollment as a guest student.

If you are staying for one or two month only or if you are staying in between semesters (e.g. from February – May) enrollment as a guest student will not be possible.

  • You have a letter of award from a scholarship organization such as e.g. the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), China Scholarship Council, CAPES, etc. Information on how to apply as a guest student (scholarship holder) can be found here.
  • You have a letter of invitation from a Professor of Goethe University. In that case you can apply as a so called Freemover. Freemover guest students are visiting students from non‑partner institutions.

    If you do not have an academic supervisor yet, you can find suggestions for contacting professors on this website of the Goethe Welcome Center:


In order to be enrolled as a guest student at Goethe University, you need to have applied for admission (scholarship holder or Freemover) prior to your study/research period at the University, within the following deadlines for application for admission as a guest student:

15 June (application for admission for the winter term [October – March])
15 December (application for admission for the summer term [April – September])

Applications received after the deadline, will not be admitted. Direct enrollment upon arrival – without prior application for admission as a guest student – is not possible. We advise you to take care of the necessary application for admission before your arrival.

Benefits of being officially enrolled: you will receive a Goethe-Card (semester ticket, library loan card, etc.). Admission/enrollment may also be important for visa or residence permit applications, as well as health, liability and accident insurance. Information on insurance coverage for registered students at Goethe University can be found here on the website of Student Services (Studentenwerk Frankfurt).

All guest students need to pay the semester social contribution. It is not a tuition fee, but a social contribution to the Student Body Committees plus the costs of the semester ticket. The advantage of the semester ticket is that every student has free use of public transport within the area of the Rhein-Main-Verkehrsverbund (RMV) during the whole semester. The student card (Goethe-Card) is valid as a ticket.

Please find useful information on being a guest student in our Guide for Visiting Students and on our Website for Exchange and ERASMUS Students.

Visiting doctoral students may contact the Goethe Welcome Center for additional assistance:

You might also make use of support networks for visiting students.

If you are planning to be a degree seeking doctoral student at Goethe University you may find useful information under


As accommodation in the student residence of Student Services (Studentenwerk Frankfurt) is limited, Freemover guest students, unfortunately, are not eligible for student housing through the allotment for exchange students. The following website might be helpful in finding accommodation: (The Global Office has no influence on the contents of external websites and cannot be held responsible for the contents.)

Scholarship holders will be able to apply for the allotment within the work-flow of the application for admission as a guest student. All accommodation in the allotment is for registered guest students at Goethe University only. If you arrive with family, unfortunately, your spouse and children are not eligible for accommodation in the student residence through the allotment for exchange students.