Workshop programme

Registration and cancellation
To register for our workshops, please click on Forthcoming Events and log in. Please note that since 1 October 2016 a contribution to administration costs of € 20 per participant and workshop day is charged in accordance with the scale of fees for the IKH’s university didactics courses. Further information can be found here.

Priority registration immediately after the workshop dates are announced is reserved for teaching staff of Goethe University Frankfurt who are participating in the Certificate Programme and have already had their one-to-one consultation session. 14 days later, registration is opened for university teaching staff who do not wish to complete the Certificate Programme and/or have not yet had their meeting. Another 14 days later external teaching staff can register too.

Please subscribe to our mailing list if you wish to be notified by email when the university didactics workshop programme is published.

Important: If you decide at short notice not to attend a workshop after all, please remember to cancel! This is very important so that your place can be given to someone else. If you fail to turn up for a workshop on several occasions without cancelling beforehand, we reserve the right to give the places you have reserved to someone else.

Restrictions on participation
To enable participants to learn properly, the number of places on our courses is restricted. On the other hand, we also reserve the right to cancel a course if the minimum number of participants specified by the trainer is not reached.