About us

The IKH (Interdisciplinary College for University Teaching), formerly the University Didactics Department, was established in 2008. Its objective is to safeguard and foster high-quality teaching at Goethe University Frankfurt.

We work closely together with the University’s Teaching and Quality Assurance Office and are affiliated to the Department of Educational Psychology – Teaching and Learning in Adulthood Unit headed by Professor Holger Horz, who has been the IKH’s Scientific Director since October 2010.

The IKH’s activities are aligned with the following sub-objectives:

  1. Enhanced teaching
    The aim is to support and assist teaching staff at Goethe University Frankfurt in their efforts to offer students challenging and attractive courses.
  2. Networking
    The objective is to foster networking amongst teaching staff both within individual subjects as well as at cross-disciplinary level in order to facilitate an exchange of teaching methods and practices. 
  3. Research
    The goal is to ensure that teaching staff at Goethe University Frankfurt can be offered a scientifically sound and appealing portfolio through the close dovetailing of educational psychology research and university didactics courses.

The IKH is substantially involved in the programme “A Good Start at University” funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.

Detailed information can be found in our flyer (German).