The Johanna Quandt Young Academy at Goethe (JQYA)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is it possible to participate in the Academy Program of the Johanna Quandt Young Academy without becoming a Fellow?

  Yes, it is possible. But in this case, the participant is not eligible to apply for any support line of the JQYA.

Is it possible to become a Fellow and to apply for different support lines without participation in the Academy Program of the Johanna Quandt Young Academy?

  No. An active participation in the Academy Program is the prerequisite for becoming a Fellow. Only Fellows are eligible to apply for the Academy Fellowship and Sabbatical Fellowship.

How intense do I have to work in the Academy?

  The extent of an active participation is unlimited. It is reasonable that a Fellow regularly takes part in our monthly round-table discussions, annually defines a new Academy Theme in a workshop for all Fellows and participates in an annual two-days event with the Distinguished Senior Scientists.

Do I automatically receive an Academy Fellowship and Sabbatical Fellowship upon becoming a Fellow?

  No, you must apply. An Academy Fellowship (up to four per year) and Sabbatical Fellowship (up to four per year) are provided in a competitive manner upon self-application.

Do I have to apply for Scientific Development?

  No. All participants in the Academy Program with or without fellow status are eligible for Scientific Development, which for instance financially supports leading skills qualification.

Can Members participate in the Academy Program?

  Yes, we strongly encourage Members to participate in the Academy Program. Members benefit from the participation in the Academy Program as they become eligible for the Scientific Development.

I have just finished my PhD and am strongly motivated to participate in the Academy Program. Can I apply?

  We rely on motivated young people. Even if you have just completed your PhD thesis, you are welcome to apply for the Academy Program. However, you might not be eligible to apply for a Fellow status or our support lines until you have proven your scientific independence.

Shall I submit my application in German or English? What is the working language in the Academy Program?

  We only accept applications in English. The reason for that is, our external board of Distinguished Senior Scientists, which elects the candidates, consists of international scientists from all around the world. Our working language in the Academy Program is English.

Does my national letter of reference have to come from the Goethe University? Is it sufficient to provide the contact data of my referee?

  The national letter of reference can come from any other German university as well. We require, however, a written communication from your referee. Your referee can directly submit the letter of reference to In this case, please inform us and make sure that your referee has submitted the letter of reference before the application deadline. We do not consider incomplete applications.

What are the most important criteria for selection of the Fellows?

  Two most important criteria influence our decision: the scientific achievements in your own field of research and the personal motivation to participate in the Academy.