The Johanna Quandt Young Academy at Goethe (JQYA)

The Mission of the JQYA

The JQYA is an independent academy within the Goethe University which fosters young researchers at the beginning of their independent career. JQYA offers different programs to support young scientists as Members or as Fellows.

JQYA is rooted in the spirit of traditional academies as a learned society uniting scientists from every conceivable discipline: With each scientific discovery we generate knowledge and deepen our understanding for highly specialized questions. The challenge thereby is to place this knowledge back into a broader context as science should ultimately serve the society. Consequently, the mission of JQYA is to:

      ✓ provide a platform to share knowledge across disciplines

      ✓ learn about research approaches of other disciplines

      ✓ provide a framework for translating the gained expertise into a global context

      ✓ bring together young scientists and outstanding leaders of the international science community

      ✓ debate about and generate new ideas and concepts for defined topics

      ✓ formulate science-based solutions for future development of society

      ✓ form a strong voice to impact university and global development by policy statements.

Participation in the JQYA

Young researchers can join the academy as: 

  • Members for five years by direct application or an application submitted by the hosting faculty for Research Support. Candidates from humanities and social sciences can apply for up to 75.000, € and candidates from sciences and life sciences for up to 134.000,- €. To be eligible for an application, candidates must obtain competitive external funding for an independent research group for at least five years. Members can apply in parallel for Fellow status.
  • Fellows for three years by direct application. Advanced postdocs, independent group leaders, junior professors at W1 or W1 tenure track level at Goethe University, at RMU partner universities or international universities in cooperation with Goethe University are welcome to apply for Fellow status. Fellows shape the inner core of the academy, drive cross-disciplinary discussions with respect to the Academy Program, and actively contribute to the organization’s goals and activities. Fellows define the academic work by annual formulation of the Academy Theme. Fellows can be supported in different Fellowship Program lines.
  • Members and Fellows of the Academy become JQYA Alumni after their active participation.