Cotutelle de Thèse | Binational Joint Doctorate

Cotutelle leitfaden engl

In a bi-national joint doctorate, the supervision of the doctoral thesis as well as the award of the doctoral degree are performed in conjunction at Goethe University and at an international (partner) university. A binational joint doctorate helps getting international experts involved in your PhD project and strengthens your international professional profile. Before the start of a binational joint doctorate, you have to pass admission procedures at both universities and both universities have to conclude a specific contract.

GRADE coordinates binational joint doctorates at Goethe University. We inform regarding the special features binational joint doctorates, provide a contract template and support negotiations on the contract. For PhD candidates interested in a binational joint doctorate, the first contact points are your supervisors and the faculty offices.

You can find a fact sheet for PhD candidates, guidelines for faculties and supervisors and contract templates for binational joint doctorates in our media center.