Online-Self-Assessment für das Studienfach Psychologie an der Goethe-Universität

What is a self-assessment test and how can it help you?

Generally speaking, a self-assessment test is an aptitude test carried out and evaluated autonomously by the test person (i.e. you). The self-assessment test provided here is intended to help you decide whether or not you should study Psychology and is an important element of the University’s extensive study guidance services.

Studying Psychology requires a lot of input in terms of both time and hard work and the subject attracts far more applicants than there are places. Against this background, the self-assessment test aims on the one hand to outline entry and study requirements and on the other hand to compare a potential applicant’s individual abilities, needs and expectations with the demands of the Psychology programme.

The overall purpose is to give you – before you submit your application - as differentiated and realistic a picture as possible of what awaits you as a Psychology student and how your specific personal abilities and skills that are important for successful studies compare to those of previous students. Why do we do this? We want to create greater satisfaction amongst students admitted to the programme by ensuring that their expectations match the demands actually placed on them.

The self-assessment test wants to help you make a substantiated decision, but at the end of the day it can only be one of a variety of instruments. However, first validation studies have highlighted that “good” test results go hand in hand with “good” university results.

There is one more thing you should know: Your results are saved in anonymous form so that we can continuously improve the process on the basis of scientific criteria. However, only you can access your personal data by means of a username and a password.

Practical information

It is not necessary to stay online to do the self-assessment test. As soon as you have downloaded a module you will only be asked to go online again once you have completed that module. Your data is then transmitted to the server and your personal feedback report created.

The self-assessment test is divided into several blocks agglomerated in three task modules. You should plan about 1-1.5 hours to complete the test. You can take a break of up to 10 minutes between the different blocks in each module and longer breaks are possible between the modules themselves. The blocks deal with the following topics:

Motivation for studying
Interest in the Psychology programme syllabus
Text comprehension – German and English
Mathematical skills
Interpretation of tables and diagrams
Deductive reasoning

You are given detailed instructions and a sample task before each block. This is to make sure that you have understood the principle before you start on the actual tasks themselves. You cannot return to previous pages during the test. As soon as you have completed a page and left it, no further changes are possible. Please concentrate and work swiftly.

Authors: Dr. S. Reiß, Prof. Dr. H. Moosbrugger
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