Prospective students and how to apply

Prospective students

What is psychology?

Psychology is the study of human behaviour, experience and consciousness over the entire lifespan. Within this context, psychology examines the human being from various perspectives: Learning, memory and perceptive faculties are the subject of General Psychology. Social Psychology observes how people behave in groups. Developmental Psychology is another branch of psychology that examines how human characteristics and abilities evolve. Another factor is the influence of disposition and character, which is explored by Differential Psychology.

Psychology looks at the individual from different aspects yet without losing sight of the person as a whole. Biological, human, social and ecological viewpoints as well as a cultural studies perspective supplement each other. Psychology deals with the following:

  •  Detailed study of physiological processes as the cause of psychological phenomena
  • Analysis of information processing patterns based on the identification and explanation of individual differences in experience and action
  • Design and improvement in individual and institutional areas
  • Counselling and therapy for behavioural disorders
  • Analysis of social group processes, epochal transformation of moral convictions and environmental design

    Psychological Diagnostics deals with the design and analysis of diagnostic techniques. What is understood by diagnosis is the identification and gradual categorization of psychological characteristics under consideration of specific criteria.

    As psychology is an empirical science, statistical and experimental methods are especially important. In this context, statistics are not limited to the gathering and presentation of data but instead statistics also make it possible to cross-check competing substantive hypotheses and reach objective decisions.

    Hence psychology lies at the intersection of many individual disciplines that are each concerned with the human being in their own particular way. As a consequence, the range of professional fields where psychologists are found is correspondingly varied.