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Department of Sports Sciences

The history of the Department of Sports Sciences (Institut für Sportwissenschaften, IfS) dates back to the founding period of the Goethe University Frankfurt in 1925. Today, the departments‘ structure features five units, located on the Ginnheim campus:

Sports Medicine and Exercise Physiology,

Movement and Exercise Science,

Sports and Exercise Psychology,

Sports Pedagogy, and

Social Sciences of Sports.

The Department of Sports Sciences covers a broad spectrum of areas in sports sciences


The Department of Sports Sciences offers programs that cover a wide range of disciplines in the field of sports sciences. Our bachelor, master, and teaching degrees are nationally and internationally recognized. Knowledge of theoretical and practical areas of sports sciences qualify students for numerous working fields. Have a look around and get in contact with us.

→ Sports Science, Bachelor of Arts

→ Sports Science with an exercise-sportsmedical focus, Master of Science

→ Social Sciences of Sports, Master of Arts

→ Sports teaching, L1 / L2 / L3 / L5

University Sports Center

The Zentrum für Hochschulsport (ZfH) offers a wide variety of sports, exercise- and training-programs of high quality to support the needs of every member of the Goethe-University. The sports program includes more than 300 courses per week in over 60 different types of sports.

The aim to offer easy access into various kind of sports and accommodate the multitude of interests, intentions, needs and preconditions which motivate people to practice or start anew regardless of their degree of expertise.

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