Formal requieries and certification

How do I make sure I have complete proof of educational qualifications?

Once you have filled in your application completely, print it out and submit it together with:

  • Your school diploma from your home country showing you finished secondary school education, indicating subjects taken and marks achieved
  • Proof of your university entrance examination, if you have taken it
  • Reports, subjects, and marks or transcripts of your studies at another university/college, if you have already studied elsewhere
  • Any academic degree(s) you might already have
  • A translation of your reports and certificates by a state-approved translator unless such reports and certificates are in English.


Official certification ("Beglaubigung") can be provided by any public office with the right to bestow an official seal. In Germany such offices are, for example, government administrators, notaries, local or city courts, or registry offices ("Bürgeramt/Einwohnermeldeamt"). Certification from societies, associations or your health insurance is not recognised (certification from church communities and translators as well).

Abroad, official certification can be provided by a German diplomatic mission, notaries, or universities. Such certification (see also the sample on this page) must contain, at a minimum:

  1. Confirmation that the copy/transcript is a faithful replication of the original (“Beglaubigungsvermerk”, note of certification)
  2. The signature of the person providing certification
  3. Official seal