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Frequently necessary Documents

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Frequently necessary documents for applications

Information on how to fill in the Academic Transcript:

An academic transcript is a table/overview of the courses and examination results achieved in your studies so far. Please use our template only if your examination office or department at Goethe University does not offer the service of transcripts in the English language. If they do offer it, you don't need us.

Some examination offices provide transcripts in the English language only upon request (Dep 02 and 05). Please inquire with your examination office first. 

If your examination office does not provide transcripts in the English language, please use our template. Please fill in the marks you received exactly as they originally appear (incl. decimal places or "+" or "-"adendum). Do not make the conversion into another grading system yourself. An explanatory grade conversion table can be found at the bottom of the transcript form. Please present us the transcript you assembled during our office hours and do not forget to bring the original course certificates or QLS-printout so we can certify the transcript s correct. Additionally please bring the document as a file on a memory stick, so in case of alternations or corrections we can do those while you are here and print the correct version out and certify it.

Certification of the correctness of copies

The International Office - Study Abroad Team certifies the correctness of copies only for documents and certificates or transcripts issued by Goethe University, and if the students or alumni are not being provided with a dublicate by the issueing office at Goethe University. The original document has to be submitted when the copy is being certified as correct.


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