Information regarding the application and selection process 2020

Information regarding the application and selection process 2020

Please note that all following information about the application and selection process were only valid until 2019. We are currently working on a revision of the criteria, evaluation and the official guidelines. We will inform you in time about any changes for the year 2020 on our website.

The procedure of the second selection stage

Consideration of achievements beyond school or course performance

Applicants who have been ranked among the best during the first selection stage will move to the second selection stage. A jury, assembled by university lecturers/teachers, will decide about the final selection.

All applicants who have reached the second stage have already proved that they are highly performing students. Therefore the jury will consider three further criteria beyond the performance in school or courses:

a) Extracurricular commitment, such as

  • Voluntary work
  • Societal, social, political commitment or commitment regarding higher education policy
  • Participation in religious communities, unions or associations

b) Personal and social competence, such as

  • Motivation and willingness to deliver maximum performance (e. g. documented by honoring, awarding, internship)
  • Communication and enunciation skills

c) Outstanding achievements with regard to the overcoming of biographical obstacles, such as

  • Disease and disability
  • Care of own children or relatives in need of care
  • Employment
  • Family background (e. g. educational background, migration background) The question asked in our online application form will deal with these topics.