Exceptions & special procedures

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In some cases there are exceptions to the regular uni-assist application procedure. This means that for certain courses of study, for certain groups of applicants a different procedure is followed than the standard application via uni-assist, or that there are separate application procedures.

A list of exceptions and special procedures can be found on this page. If you have any questions, please contact the Applications Advisory Service at the International Office!

Exceptions from the uni-assist procedure

  • Guest students and students participating in an international exchange programme (e.g. ERASMUS, DAAD) should contact the International Office, "Referat Incomings - exchange programmes" directly.
  • Any applicants (irrespective of nationality) with foreign school diploma who also possess a certificate of recognition ("Anerkennungsbescheid") (for example from an office for the recognition of foreign degrees in a German state) should apply directly via the Students Registration Office ("Studierendensekretariat") (online application procedure of the Goethe University), not via uni-assist.
  • International applicants who completed the Abitur in Germany (or at a German school abroad) should also apply directly via the Students Registration Office ("Studierendensekretariat") (online application procedure of the Goethe University)
  • If you want to apply above entry level for a course with a teaching degree, you need to get a notice of recognition from the “Lehrkräfteakademie” (teacher's academy). Take this to the the Students Registration Office ("Studierendensekretariat") (online application procedure of the Goethe University)
  • Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacology for Germans with foreign qualifications, for EU citizens, for international applications who are married to an EU citizen, and for “Bildungsinländer*innen” (foreign students who qualified in Germany for studies at a German university): application for and allocation of places are processed via Hochschulstart.de.
  • Application for postgraduate programmes for lawyers (LL.M.): Further information can be found on the website of the law faculty.
  • For most Master’s programmes the application forms and documents undergo the uni-assist procedure. However, some Master’s programmes do not use the uni-assist service. In these cases the application process goes directly to the respective faculty of the programme.
    >> Master’s & international programmes
    >> Master portal
  • Applications for doctoral studies should go directly to the dean’s office of the respective faculty or to the research institute offering the programme. >> Further information

Special procedure (DoSV) for Psychologie, Rechtswissenschaften, Biowissenschaften and Wirtschaftswissenschaften

Application via hochschulstart and uni-assist

Applicants for the first semester in the subjects Psychologie (Psychology), Biowissenschaften (Biosciences), Wirtschaftswissenschaften (Economics) or Rechtswissenschaften (Law) must register at hochschulstart.de to receive the two identification numbers called BID and BAN. Afterwards, they need to submit their application through uni-assist.


  1. Register with the "Stiftung für Hochschulzulassung" on the DoSV online portal
    Once you have registered you will receive two identification numbers (BID and BAN).
  2. Apply to Goethe University by filling in the online application form on the uni-assist portal, giving your BID and BAN.
  3. Submit the application form electronically on the uni-assist portal.
  4. Print out and sign a copy of the completed form.
  5. Gather the necessary documentation for your application (with officially certified copies in German or English).
  6. Pay the handling costs ("Bearbeitungskosten").
  7. Send hard copies of your documents and the application form to uni-assist in Berlin.


The application deadline for Psychologie and Biowissenschaften closes on 15th July of any given year.

The application deadline for Rechtswissenschaften and Wirtschaftswissenschaften closes on 15th January (for the summer semester) and on 15th July (for the winter semester) of any given year.

Please send in your application as early as possible so that any complications and questions can still be clarified before the deadline closes. Incomplete applications will not be considered!

Please note:
All international applicants for these subjects need to register at hochschulstart.de and receive a BID and BAN in order to proceed with their application through uni-assist.
Specific groups will take part in the dialogue-oriented service procedure („Dialogorientiertes Serviceverfahren" DoSV). These groups are: Germans with foreign school certificates; EU citizens; foreign applicants, who are married to an EU citizen (and who is working in Germany) and so-called "Bildungsinländer*innen" (foreign applicants who hold a German university entrance qualification or have already completed a course of study in Germany).
Non-EU-citizens who don’t belong to one of the described groups will take part in a separate admission procedure.

Admission process Medicine and Dentistry (Non-EU applicants)

Admission process as of winter semester 2019/2020

Starting in the winter semester 2019/2020, the places for the degree programs Medicine and Dentistry at the Goethe University, will be allocated to non-EU applicants through their achieved grade in the university entrance qualification and the result of their ‘Test for Academic Studies’ (TestAS) in the Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences Module. The TestAS must be taken in German and the results must be handed in before the respective deadline, which is the 15th of July of each year. The application process will go through www.uni-assist.de.

You are able to take the TestAS worldwide, including Germany, at numerous locations. The participation of the TestAS is not free of charge. For further information on the test centers in Germany or in other countries, or the current test dates, you can follow this link: www.testas.de. You can then upload the results of your completed TestAS to your online application in uni-assist; you do not need to send your TestAS certificate via mail to uni-assist in Berlin along with your other documents.

Weighting/Importance of grades for the application: Please note that your university entrance qualification grade counts as 51% of the final selection process, the result of the TestAS Core Test counts 19%, and the result of the Mathematics, Computer Science and Natural Sciences Module is 30%. Further information can be found in the statute: Auswahlsatzung. If you do not take the TestAS, it will count as 5.0 and be 49% of your entire application.

Finally, please note that by the time of your application, you already need to have proven your German language skills on a DSH-3 level or equivalent. Further information on the language skills needed, can be found here. 

Additional TestAS date offered by the Goethe University

Goethe University is offering an additional TestAS date for its applicants to Medicine or Dentistry.

The additional TestAS will take place on 4th July 2019 on the Westend Campus in Frankfurt. You can apply at testas@uni-frankfurt.de from 1st June until 18th June 2020 with your uni-assist application number. This means that by then you must have already applied through uni-assist and paid the processing fee.

Once your details have been processed, you will get a registration link for the additional TestAS. The link will take you to the TestAS portal, where you will need to register and pay the TestAS fee. The results of the additional TestAS will be available in the portal on 13th July 2020 at the latest. Participants will receive an E-Mail as soon as the results are available.

(The above-mentioned information only applies to non-EU citizens. EU citizens, non-EU citizens that are married to an EU citizen, and applicants with a German high school diploma need to apply through www.hochschulstart.de for the degree courses Medicine and Dentistry.)