Exceptions & special procedures

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In some cases there are exceptions to the regular uni-assist application procedure. This means that for certain courses of study, for certain groups of applicants a different procedure is followed than the standard application via uni-assist, or that there are separate application procedures.

Special Procedure (DoSV) for Psychologie, Biowissenschaften, Wirtschaftswissenschaften and Rechtswissenschaften.

Application and Admission process Medicine and Dentistry (Non-EU applicants)

Further execeptions are listed below. If you have any questions, please contact the Applications Advisory Service.

Exceptions from the uni-assist procedure

  • Guest students and students participating in an international exchange programme (e.g. ERASMUS, DAAD) should contact the  "Referat Incomings - exchange programmes" directly.
  • Any applicants (irrespective of nationality) with foreign school diploma who also possess a certificate of recognition ("Anerkennungsbescheid") (for example from an office for the recognition of foreign degrees in a German state) should apply directly via the Students Registration Office ("Studierendensekretariat") (online application procedure of the Goethe University), not via uni-assist.
  • International applicants who completed the Abitur in Germany (or at a German school abroad) should also apply directly via the Students Registration Office ("Studierendensekretariat") (online application procedure of the Goethe University)
  • If you want to apply above entry level for a course with a teaching degree, you need to get a notice of recognition from the “Lehrkräfteakademie” (teacher's academy). Take this to the the Students Registration Office ("Studierendensekretariat") (online application procedure of the Goethe University)
  • Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacology for Germans with foreign qualifications, for EU citizens, for international applications who are married to an EU citizen, and for “Bildungsinländer*innen” (foreign students who qualified in Germany for studies at a German university): application for and allocation of places are processed via Hochschulstart.de.
  • Application for postgraduate programmes for lawyers (LL.M.): Further information can be found on the website of the law faculty.
  • For most Master’s programmes the application forms and documents undergo the uni-assist procedure. However, some Master’s programmes do not use the uni-assist service. In these cases the application process goes directly to the respective faculty of the programme.
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  • Applications for doctoral studies should go directly to the dean’s office of the respective faculty or to the research institute offering the programme. >> Further information