Welcome to the group of Prof. Dr. Winkler

Team Winkler

Team Winkler

Our group (photo from April 2021)



Add "" to the e-mail address. Phone numbers begin with +49(0)69/798.


First name







Lkhamsuren Bayarjargal Research associate 1.218 40106 bayarjargal@kristall.
  Peter Bieniasch Workshop _0.704 40343 bieniasch@kristall.
Katja Bunk PhD student 1.222 40111 bunk@kristall.
Julia Büscher PhD student 1.224 40113 buescher@kristall.
Eiken Haussühl Academic advice 1.217 40105 haussuehl@kristall.
Jannes König (geb. Binck) PhD student 1.216 40104 binck@kristall.
Nikolas Kraft PhD student 1.223 40112 kraft@kristall.
Rita Luchitskaia Chem.-techn. assistant 1.224 40113 luchitskaia@kristall.
Julien Marquardt PostDoc 1.222 40111 marquardt@kristall.
David Merges Electronics lab, Workshop 1.311 40341 merges@kristall.
Anja Neubauer Coordinator 1.221 40110 neubauer@kristall.
  Maribel Nunez-Valdez Professor      
Lea Pennachioni PhD student 1.225  40114 pennacchioni@kristall.
Andreas Promnitz Apprentice _0.704  -  -
Michael Runzer Workshop _0.704 40343 runzer@kristall.
Tim Schaffrinna Student 1.216 - schaffrinna@kristall.
Sigrid Schickling-Herzog Secretary 1.221 40108 schickling-herzog@em.
Christopher Schröck PhD student 1.223 40112 schroeck@kristall.
Dominik Spahr PhD student 1.225 40114 d.spahr@kristall.
Victor Vinograd Research associate, Jülich  -  - v.vinograd@kristall.
Lena Marie Wedek Student assistant 1.234 - wedek@kristall.
Antonia Winderling Student assistant 1.216 - winderling@kristall.
Björn Winkler Professor 1.219 40107 b.winkler@kristall.
Joachim Wolff Workshop manager _0.704 40343 j.wolff@em.



Name Surname Position Specialty

Periode of time

Joachim Feuchter

Workshop Manager



Laura Fink Student assistant  


Susan Frischkorn Coordinator  FOR2125


Chris-Julian Fruhner PhD Carbonates


Eric Graefe Student assistant  


Erick Adrián Juárez-Arellano Visiting researcher (Mexico) High entropy alloys


Wolfgang Morgenroth Research Assosiate  


Ana Karin Navarro Martinez Visiting researcher (Mexico)  


Christopher Neun PhD Carbonates


Christian Rhode Student assistant  


Jianbo Song PhD Lead stannates


Sabrina Schellhase Student assistant  


 Michal Stekiel PhD Carbontes




How to get to us using public transportation:

Take the city train (S-Bahn) lines 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 8 / 9 from Frankfurt central station to "Hauptwache". Then take  the subway line U8 (in the direction "Riedberg") to "Uni Campus Riedberg" or use the subway U3 to go to "Niederursel" and walk for 10 minutes.

From Frankfurt West (Westbahnhof) you can take the bus line 73 to go to "Nordwestzentrum". Then take the subway line U9 (in the direction "Nieder-Eschbach) to "Uni Campus Riedberg".

Additionally you can go by bus line 29 from "Nordwestzentrum" to "Uni Campus Riedberg" or by bus line 251 from "Nordwestzentrum" to "Geozentrum" or "Max-Planck-Institut/FIZ".



Winter semester will start on 18th October 2021. All lectures of Crystallography group will be in-person.

If you are interested to attend lectures of the crystallography group, please come to the preliminary discussion of lectures, dates & times on

Monday, 18th October 10 am s.t. in seminar room GW 1.101.

If you need information about lectures, please feel free to contact Prof. Björn Winkler directly:

The following lectures will take place this semester (WS 2021/22):

(BP 4) Einführung in die Mineralogie

lecture in-person

wednesdays 2 pm c.t. room GW 0.124, excercises wednesdays 4 pm c.t. (start 27.10.2021).

tutorial: mondays 4-5.30 pm c.t GW 1.101 (start 01.11.2021)

Exam: 16.02.2022 2 - 5 pm c.t. GW 0.124 (120 min for students studying with PO2020, 90 min for students studying with PO2012)

Exam 06.04.2022 2 - 4 pm c.t. GW 0.124 90mimn for students studying with PO 2012

[PO 2020: BWp 3, BWp 5; PO 2012: BWp 6] Kristallographisches Seminar/ [PO2020: MP1] Mineralogisch-Kristallographisches Seminar

lecture in person

dates and topic of talks will be discussed on 28.10.2021, 2-4 pm c.t. in room GW 1.101

[PO2020: MWp Min5/6: PO 2012: BWp 6] Kristallphysik

lecture in-person fridays in room GW 2.103 and online

dates for in-person lecture: 29.10.2021, 12.11.2021., 26.11.2021., 10.12.2021, 14.01.2022, 04.02.2022, 11.02.2022, 18.02.2022

dates for online lecture:  05.11.2021, 19.11.2021, 03.12.2021, 17.12.2021, 21.01.2022, 28.01.2022

[PO 2020: BWp 3, PO 2012: BWp 6] Kristallchemie (findet wöchentlich montags, 10-12 c.t. in Präsenz in Raum GW 1.101 statt)

lecture in-person mondays 10 am c.t. in room GW 1.101

[PO2012: MWpMin5] Computational Mineralogy with empirical models

mondays, 4-8 pm c.t. GW 1.102

[PO2012: MWpMin5] Computational Mineralogy with quantum mechanical models

thursdays, 4-8 pm c.t. GW 2.103



Click the following link to open the web-calendar of the working group of Prof. Dr. Winkler:

Calendar of the group

Joint projects

Joint projects


The research unit FOR 2125 is a collaboration of scientists from the Universities of Frankfurt am Main, Potsdam, Bayreuth, Cologne and Freiberg, the GeoForschungsZentrum (GFZ) in Potsdam as well as the large scale facilities European X-ray Free Electron Laser (XFEL) in Schenefeld, Deutsches Elektronen-Synchrotron (DESY) in Hamburg and the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility (ESRF) in Grenoble, France. Funded by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) in 2015, we investigate Carbonates at high Pressures and Temperatures (CarboPaT).


EXCISS, which stands for Experimental Chondrule Formation at the ISS is one of three experiments which won at the Überflieger competition of Deutsches Zentrum für Luft und Raumfahrt (DLR). These experiments have been performed by the German astronaut Alexander Gerst during the Horizons Mission at the international space station ISS in 2018.