Application procedure for Graduate/Master programmes

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To apply for a graduate programme you must already have a Bachelor degree (or equivalent). A Master programme can serve to enrich and deepen your understanding of the course of study you have already followed in your Bachelor (consecutive study), or allow you to move your focus to new areas of learning (non-consecutive study).

Master programmes at Goethe University are usually taught German with a few programmes taught in English. Some programmes may require knowledge of both languages.
You will find further information and resources on our 
Master portal, including:

  • A list of all Master programmes offered by Goethe University
  • Information on the respective content and application procedures of the programmes
  • Application deadlines and documents you are required to submit for your chosen course of study
  • There are two different ways of applying for a Master programme: either through the Master portal (→uni-assist) or directly with the respective department. You will find the relevant information in the Master portal.
  • In order to ascertain the procedure click on the chosen course of study. Under the heading “Course content and focus areas” you will find more detailed information on the course. Under the heading “Detailed information” you will find information on the department and the study regulations for the course.
  • Finally, please consult “Conditions of admission”. Here you will find a list of all necessary documentation to be handed in.

Courses with application via the Master portal:

  • Begin the process of application via the Master portal 
  • Select the country in which you completed your highest level of education. You will find a list of all the steps of the application process and a list of the documentation you must submit. Regardless of which Master course you are applying to, you will need to provide certified copies of your qualifications, subjects you have taken and marks achieved (in school and higher education), and certified copies of a German or English translation.
  • To complete the two-step application process apply online
  • Register with your email address and create a password, then log in and fill in the online application. Submit this electronically and upload all your documents to the portal. Finally print the online application form in the portal and send it alongside your documentation by mail to the address in Berlin provided.

Courses with direct application via the relevant department:

If the overview of Master’s study programmes states that the application for the course of your choice should be directed to the department ("Fachbereich") of the course, please proceed as follows:

  • Click on the name of the course. You will find an application form as well as a list of what you need for a successful Master application under the heading “Application / Documents to be submitted”
  • Send your application directly to the department within the given timeframe.

Further important notes regarding applications


  • If the language of instruction is German, your application must include proof of sufficient knowledge of German. Further information regarding German language proficiency examination for access to higher education (DSH examination) and DSH preparatory courses can be found here.
  • Some courses will also require proof of knowledge of English. Please note that the level of English language skills required may vary from course to course.
  • Please make sure that the certificates and other documents you provide are certified copies.
  • Should you have any questions concerning the application or admissions procedure, please contact the subject-specific guidance services for the Master programme in question. You can find these on the Master portal (click on the name of the programme and then the menu item “Studienfachberatung”).
  • In addition to this advisory services are available, appointments can be booked through: