Range of studies offered at Goethe University

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With 16 faculties, approximately 140 undergraduate programmes and 70 Master’s programmes, Goethe University offers a wide range of academic options. Some Master’s programmes are taught entirely in English. Medicine, dentistry, pharmacy and law courses are completed with a state examination. Goethe University also offers a wide range of teaching degrees (“Lehramt”) for various types of schools. In addition to this, there are postgraduate studies and summer courses available.

You can find an overview of all available courses of study and means to research your options here. Click on your course of interest to get more information on it.

We have also compiled an overview of international Master’s and postgraduate programmes for you.

Should you wish to apply to study at Goethe University, you can find further information on these pages.

Our recommendation: research the subject and course you are interested in, and the style of teaching and learning at a German university, very thoroughly. Surveys have shown that international students are more likely than German students to discontinue their studies.

Options for studying in Germany

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There is a wide range of universities and study courses available in Germany. If you wish to study in Germany, you should take your time in deciding on a field of study and a university, and be sure to read up on the entry requirements. There are various online portals that can provide you with information on studying in Germany in order to help you make your decision.

Choosing your university and field of study

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For a successful academic career, your chosen field of study should be compatible with your interests and abilities. But it is often difficult to choose a subject, or even to decide whether your interest in a subject means that it would be a good choice for academic study. This is where online choice assistants or tests can be very useful. These services and tests are also frequently used by German students trying to decide what to study. They exist for many different courses of study in Germany and are also offered by Goethe University for some of its courses.

Searching for study courses in Germany - information on course content

Scholastic assessment test for international applicants (TestAs)

Many universities make participation in this test a required or voluntary part of their admissions procedure. This is not the case at Goethe University. However, we urgently recommend taking the TestAs to assess your scholastic aptitude. A result of a minimum of 100 standard points (in core and subject-specific tests) suggests a good foundation for studying at a German university.

>> TestAs – further information

Should you already be in Frankfurt, then you could, for example, attend an introductory lecture of a course you’re interested in. You can use the course catalogue for this, or ask the Application Advisory Service or the “Fachschaft” (the body representing the students) of the study course you are interested in.

What kind of higher education should I pursue: university or “Fachhochschule/Hochschule”?

If you would prefer a more practically oriented course of study and your chosen subject is also offered at a “Fachhochschule"/"Hochschule” (university of applied sciences), then look into the details of that institution – you might attend a lecture there in order to compare it to a university, and decide which you like better.