Writing Consultations


Our writing advice focuses on your writing process, your arguments, and the structure of your text. We are careful, interested readers trained in writing pedagogy. Please keep in mind that it is not our role to comment on the accuracy of your paper’s content, nor to grade your paper; this is the responsibility of your respective lecturers, advisors, and/or subject tutors. 

During a writing conference, we might talk about: 

  • your writing process;
  • your writing assignment and suitable methods for approaching it;
  • writing strategies; 
  • time-management strategies; 
  • your arguments and how you defend them; 
  • conventions of academic writing and the expectations of academic readers. 

Writing consultations are not proofreading or editing and we do not advise on specific citation styles. This means: we can point out recurring errors and share grammar, style, and citation resources, but you are ultimately responsible for your spelling, grammar, correct punctuation and the implementation of subject-specific formatting.

Dialogue is fundamental to our pedagogical approach. For this reason, we do not give any feedback by e-mail.

Especially at the end of a semester, it may happen that our consulting services are in great demand. For this reason, please plan enough time in advance of your deadline to request a writing consultation at the writing center. 

The step-by-step guide to a writing consultation

  1. Send an e-mail to schreibzentrum[at]dlist.uni-frankfurt.de.
  2. A peer tutor will contact you promptly and propose a date to meet with you.
  3. Via e-mail, you will explain the focus of the consultation to the peer tutor. If you want feedback on a specific part of your text, you may enclose up to seven pages.
  4. The consultation mainly consists of a dialogue about your writing project and takes one hour. In this conversation, you and the peer tutor will together work out solutions for your questions with the help of our additional material.
  5. If you cannot sufficiently cover all the questions you want to talk about, the peer tutor and you can make a new appointment directly.