Dr. habil. Kai Koddenbrock


Goethe University Frankfurt/Main
Department 03: Faculty of Social Sciences
Institute for Political Science

Campus Westend – PEG
Theodor-W.-Adorno-Platz 6, HPF 20
60629 Frankfurt

Room: PEG 3 G 177

Tel: +49 69 798 36503
E-Mail: koddenbrock@soz.uni-frankfurt.de




Kai Koddenbrock (born 1981) studied languages, economics and cultural studies at the University of Passau (2008), received his doctorate in political science at the University of Bremen on the 'Practice of humanitarian intervention in the DR Congo' (2013) and passed his habilitation at the Goethe University Frankfurt on 'Towards a money view of international politics and the global political econmoy' 

(2020). From 2018-2020 he was acting professor for International Political Studies at the University of Witten-Herdecke. Research stays took him to Columbia University, New York, Sciences Po, Paris, the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies in Cologne and the University of Sussex in Brighton. He is one of the speakers of the International Relations Section of the German Political Science Association and coordinates the DFG network "Politics of money" together with Benjamin Braun. He has three sons and lives in Cologne.


Africa-EU relations, critical political economy, postcolonial IPÖ, monetary theory, financial markets, theories of capitalism and inequality, racial capitalism, intersectional analysis of power relations, qualitative methods.



Koddenbrock K (2016) The practice of humanitarian intervention: Aid workers, agencies and institutions in the Democratic Republic of Congo, Routledge. (Paperback in 2018)

Refereed Papers

Koddenbrock, K (2020) Hierarchical multiplicity in the international monetary system: from the slave trade to the Franc CFA in West Africa, Globalizations, 17:3, 516-531

Kvangraven I, Koddenbrock, K, Sylla Ndongo (2020) Financial subordination in 21st century Africa: What about financialization? Journal for Community Development, forthcoming

Koddenbrock, K & Sylla, N. S. (2019). Towards a political economy of monetary dependency: The case of the Franc CFA zone in West Africa MaxPo Discussion paper. Under review at: European Journal of International Relations

Koddenbrock, K (2019b) Geld, Weltmarkt und monetäre Dependenz: Was uns die Franc CFA Zone über kapitalistisches Geld sagt, PROKLA, 49 (194), 137-156.

Koddenbrock K (2019a) Money and moneyness: thoughts on the nature and distributional power of the ‘backbone’ of capitalist political economy, Journal of Cultural Economy, 12:2, 101-118. [1,418]

Schmidt M & Kai Koddenbrock (2019) Against Understanding: The Techniques of Shock and Awe in Jesuit Theology, Neoliberal Thought and Timothy Morton’s Philosophy of Hyperobjects, Global Society, 33:1, 66-81

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Koddenbrock K (2014) Malevolent politics: The government as blind spot in the International Crisis Group’s analysis of the Democratic Republic of Congo. Third World Quarterly, Vol. 35, No. 4, pp.669-685.

Koddenbrock K (2012) Recipes for Intervention – Western policy papers imagine the Congo, International Peacekeeping, Vol. 19, No.5, pp. 549-564.

Edited volumes and forums

Koddenbrock, Kai (2018) ZIB-Forum: Strukturwandel der Globalisierung? Brexit, Trump(ismus), Strategien Chinas und die politische Ökonomie der internationalen Beziehungen, Heft 2, 2018.

Heins, V, Koddenbrock K, Unrau C (2016) Humanitarianism and challenges of cooperation, Routledge.

Bargues P, Koddenbrock K, Schmidt J, Schmidt M (2015) Ends of critique, Global Dialogue Series No. 10, Käte Hamburger Kolleg, Duisburg.

Blog entries and journal articles

Euro, Franc CFA and the geopolitical legacy of colonialism, im Erscheinen, Jacobin Deutschland,

Zum „Deal zwischen Staat und Finanzsektor“, Blogbeitrag https://www.soziopolis.de/lesen/buecher/artikel/zum-deal-zwischen-staat-und-finanzsektor/

Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, ‚So regiert der Dollar die Welt‘, 1.11.2018, mit Daniel Mertens.


International political economy of monetary and financial relations

Frankfurt: Introduction into financial markets for social scientists; Money, finance and the Global South

Witten-Herdecke: Money and dependency; The Euro: Instrument of political union and tool for international currency competition; Money, power and democracy

Duisburg: Global governance: Who governs what and how – Capitalism, statehood and the rise of international organizations

RWTH Aachen: Money and Power; Theories of the Global;  Raus aus der Krise? Erklärungsmodelle, Politische Reaktionen und Fallstudien zur Finanz- und Eurokrise seit 2007; Global Political Economy: The role of cotton and oil for the rise of capitalism and democracy; Critical IR: Foucault, Latour and Marx in contemporary International Relations.

International relations and peace and conflict research

Witten-Herdecke: Global governance: Who governs what and how – Capitalism, statehood and the rise of international organizations; Foreign Policy Analysis; Africa in International Relations; Institutions and organizations; The politics of humanitarian aid.

Frankfurt: The intersectional analysis of domination and inequality (GU Frankfurt 2018, 2020)

Duisburg: Theories and Problems of Global Governance; Peace and Conflict Research; Introduction to International Relations: States and societies in global competition; The promises and pitfalls of humanitarian action; Forms and Spaces of Intervention: From colonialism to peacekeeping, from Namibia to Greece; Perspectives on colonialism, de-colonization and development in the Congo;

Aachen: The rise of humanitarian aid: History, actors, controversies (Aachen 2014) Global Inequality and the Politics of African States since 1945

Magdeburg: International Aid as Intervention: Making use of Foucault and Agamben

Further Training:

Global Learning Network for Young Europeans. Facilitator. Preparation seminars of Germans French and Polish participants of internship programme with West African NGOs.

ASA-Programme, Tutor for the group of German and French participants going to Togo.

Political economy of the financial crisis. (Villigst Studienwerk, Summer School, Facilitator, Workshop 2011)




Von Wertschöpfungsketten und Sicherheitsapparaten: Zur Beziehung von Ökonomie und Gewalt in den deutschsprachigen Internationalen Beziehungen Autor*innentagung der IB-Sektion der DVPW, 15.-16. November, Frankfurt


Modern Monetary Theory in the Global South, Institute for Social Studies, Den Haag, mit Andrew Fisher, Ndongo Samba Sylla und Ingrid Kvangraven, in Zusammenarbeit mit Competition and Change

The political economy of financial subordination, Mini-conference convener, SASE conference, Amsterdam, Juli, mit Annina Kaltenbrunnger, Ingrid Kvangraven, Ilias Alami, Jeff Powell, Bruno Bonizzi


Politics of money Sechs Workshops des DFG-Netzwerkes www.politicsofmoney.org, am Max Planck-Institut für Gesellschaftsforschung, dem Hamburger Insititute für Sozialforschung, Sciences Po Paris, Universität Brighton und der Goethe Universität Frankfurt, mit  Benhamin Braun


African Monetary and Economic Sovereignty in the 21st Century, international conference financed by the Rosa-Luxemburg Foundation, Tunis, 3.-6. November, Budget: 104.000 Euro.


Geld und Demokratie: DVPW_Kongress, Frankfurt Panels und Roundtables mit Adam Tooze, Daniela Gabor, Ndongo Samba Sylla and Andreas Nölke


Theory, Inquiry and Critique: Re-invigorating the ‘sociological imagination’ in International Relations, Workshopleiter (mit Benjamin Herborth) European Workshop of International Studies, Izmir, Turkey, 21-24 May.

After modernity into complexity: Possibilities for critique, workshop facilitator (mit Jessica Schmidt, Mario Schmidt and Pol Bargués Pedreny), Käte Hamburger Kolleg, Duisburg, 8 May.



European Journal of International Relations; Review of International Political Economy, Security Dialogue; Constellations; Millennium: Journal of International Studies; Review of International Studies; Journal of International Relations and Development; International Studies Review; International Affairs; Third World Quarterly; International Relations; Global Constitutionalism; Cambridge Review of International Relations; Disasters, Anthropological Theory; Journal of Intervention and Statebuilding; Resilience; Peacebuilding; Geographica Helvetica; Ethical Perspectives, Österreichischer Austauschdienst.


Politische Vierteljahresschrift, German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD); Springer; Zeitschrift für Internationale Beziehungen; Zeitschrift für Friedens- und Konfliktforschung; Die Friedenswarte