Welcome to the Institute for Theoretical Physics

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Welcome to the Institute for Theoretical Physics

The Institute for Theoretical Physics (ITP) is the biggest institute of the physics department. With a total of twelve professors, the ITP covers a broad range of topics in the field of modern theoretical physics. Two central research areas are theoretical high energy physics and the theory of condensed matter.

Pedagogically the ITP handles all academic training in the field of theoretical physics. Apart from basic lectures in theoretical mechanics, electrodynamics, quantum mechanics, and statistical physics, the ITP regularly offers in-depth lectures on current fields of research


  • 5 Feb

    Physikalisches Mittwochskolloquium, Thema: "QCD in the cores of neutron stars"; Prof. Dr. Aleksi Kurkela

  • 12 Feb

    Physikalisches Mittwochskolloquium, Thema: "Als promovierter Physiker in der Industrie"; Dr. Thorsten Vehoff