Dr. Andrea Luithle-Hardenberg

Tel.: 069/798-33066
Fax: 069/798-33065
Office: IG 552
E-Mail: Luithle-Hardenberg (at) em.uni-frankfurt.de

Consulting hours for students: Thursdays 13.00–15.00 hrs — please register by email in advance!

Regional and Thematic Focus

India (Gujarat, Maharashtra und Orissa), Jainism, ascetic movements and values, trading communities, colonial studies, pilgrimage, ritual studies, the secular and the sacred, communal conflicts, caste ideology, minority discourses und anthropology of childhood

Major Research Projects

Second Post-Doc („Habilitationsprojekt“) (ongoing)

  • „Ascetic Children (bāl munis) among the Jains in Secular India: Controversies on Religious Freedom and Children’s Rights in the 21st century“

First Post-Doc (2008–2011)

  • (in press), with John Cort (Denison University, Ohio)/ Leslie Orr (Concordia University, Montreal): 
    Cooperation, Contribution and Contestation: The Jain Community, Colonialism and Jainological Scholarship, 1800-1950. Studies in Asian Art and Culture. Edited by Julia Hegewald. Berlin: EB-Verlag.

PhD (2001–2006) Freie Universität Berlin:

  • (2011) Die Reise zum Ursprung. Die Pilgerschaft der Shvetambara-Jaina zum Berg Shatrunjaya in Gujarat, Indien. Manya-Verlag, München.


  • Focus (besides regional expertise): student mobility and training in project management for first fieldwork studies abroad
  • 2011-2016 member of the academic staff at Tuebingen University