2nd LOEWE Conference

Monday, October 9th

17:00    Welcome and Introduction Lectures
     Rüdiger Krause (Frankfurt)
Introduction to the Topic
    Svend Hansen (Berlin)
Sword and spearhead. The armament of Europe in the 17th century BC
17:45   Opening Lecture
    Horia Ciugudean  (Alba Julia)
The Dawn of the Late Bronze Age hillforts in Transylvania
19:30   Dinner

Tuesday, Oktober 10th

9:00    Session 1    The Mediterranean
     Hai Ashkenazi (Tel Aviv), Raphael Greenberg (Tel Aviv)
Making the Bronze Age Great: Fortifications in the Levantas Social Facts
    Martin Bartelheim (Tübingen)
Bronze Age Fortifications on Cyprus
    Andreas Schachner (Istanbul)
Hittite and Mycenaean Fortifications of the 2nd Millennium BC
10:30   Coffee & Tea
11:00   Session 2    The Mediterranean
    Walter Gauß (Athen)
Aegean Bronze Age Fortifications - An Overview
    Teodoro Scarano (Arnesano)
The Middle Bronze Age fortifications of Roca and the evidence of conflict
    Giulia Recchia (Foggia)
Coppa Nevigata in the wider context of fortifications in Southern Italy and the Adriatic Sea
    Biba Teržan (Ljubljana), Kristina Mihovilić (Pula)
The Castelliere in Istria, Adriatic Sea
13:00   Lunch
14:30   Session 3    The Mediterranean, Central Europe and the Carpathian Basin
    Roberto Risch (Barcelona)
The Western Mediterranean
    Przybyla Marcin (Kraków), Jędrysik Joanna (Kraków)
Early Bronze Age stone fortifications of the Maszkowice hillfort (Polish Carpathians) - product of an adaptive mind or idée fixe?
    Hlàsek Daniel (Plzeň)
The Bronze Age Hillforts in south Bohemia. The State of Research
16:00   Coffee & Tea
16:30   Session 4     The Carpathian Basin
    Uhnér Claes (Frankfurt), Ciugudean Horia (Sibiu)
Teleac Hillfort in a Local Context
    Lehmphul Ralf (Frankfurt), Heeb Bernd (Berlin), Szentmiklosi Alexandru (Cornești), Blitte Hélène (Frankfurt), Krause Rüdiger (Frankfurt)
About the system of fortifications and the settlement structures of Corneşti-Iarcuri – state of research 2017
    Florin Gogâltan (Cluj Napoca)
A Violent End. An Attack with Clay Sling Projectiles against the Late Bronze Age Fortification in Sâtana (sout-western Romania)
19:30   Dinner

Wednesday, October 11th

9:00    Session 4  The Carpathian Bassin
     József-Gábor Nagy (Alba Iulia), Zsolt Molnár (Cluj-Napoca)
Fortifications, Territoriality and settlement System Modelling in Transylvania
9:30   Session 5   Lanscape and Vegetation
    Vajk  Szeverényi (Debrecen), Péter Czukor (Szeged), Annamária Priskin (Drebrecen), Csaba Szalontai (Szeged)
Landscape and Resource Exploitation in the Late Bronze Age in south-east Hungary
    Roxana Grindean (Cluj-Napoca), Ioan Tanțǎu (Cluj-Napoca), Andrei-Cosmin Diaconu (Cluj-Napoca), Andrei Panait (Cluj-Napoca), Andrei Florescu (Cluj-Napoca), Angelica Feurdean (Frankfurt)
Palaeoecology of the Human Impact in south-eastern Romania since 5000 BC
10:30   Coffee & Tea
11:00   Session 5    Lanscape and Vegetation (Continuation)
    Astrid Röpke (Frankfurt), Florin Gogâltan (Cluj-Napoca), Tobias Kienlin (Köln), Marta Liviu (Satu Mare)
Near-site pollen analyses in the Ier Valley (Romania) - preliminary results
    Petru Urdea (Timișoara), Alexandru Hegyi (Timișoara)
Aspect of Holocene Geomorphological Evolution of Vinga Plain (Romania)
    Beatrice Cuitǎ (Alba Julia)
Analysis of vegetal macroremains for the Bronze Age hillfort site at Teleac (Alba County)
12:30   Lunch
14:00   Session 6 Lanscape and Vegetation
    Heinrich Thiemeyer (Frankfurt), Dagmar Fritzsch (Frankfurt)
Archaeological Sediments, Soils and Colluvial Deposits in Coneşti
    Gumnior Maren (Frankfurt), Herbig Christoph (Frankfurt), Stobbe Astrid (Frankfurt)Preliminary archaeobotanical results from the Bronze Age fortification Corneşti and its surroundings
15:00   Coffee & Tea
15:30   Panel Discussion und Synthesis
17:00   Guided Tour to the Historical Museum and Town Centre
19:30   Dinner

Thurday, October 12th

9:00 -18:00 Uhr


Excursion to Teleac and its Vinicity

Friday, October 13th