The Student Council

Representing the Interests of the Students

We are a loose association of students of social and cultural anthropology, seeing ourselves as advocates of the interests of the students at the department. Some of us fulfill that task on a voluntary basis, while others have been elected to the council. Our main focus is on improving the conditions of studying, to which our elected representatives commit themselves in various boards and committees. In addition, we help solve study-related problems, and we mediate if there are dissonances between teachers and students. In order to network with other institutions and students outside the Goethe University, we organize excursions and participate in conferences such as the Ethno Symposium or the Bundesfachschaften-Tagung (Federal Student Councils’ Conference).

However, we do not only want to make everyday university routine more pleasant for the “ethno” students in Frankfurt, but also students’ lives in general. With this we begin even before you attend your first course: the first-semester orientation week gives you a good start both at the Goethe University and in the city of Frankfurt. During the semesters we organize various events, such as anthropological film nights, the “Ethno-Schmaus” (“anthro feast”), and parties. In addition, there is our big annual summer party, and a ritual is held for all graduates.

Events are not the only way to get in touch with us; you can also visit us in the council room (“Fachschaftsraum”). It is open on weekdays, inviting you to linger and to have a mug of coffee or tea, and there is also a computer you can use. Often you will also meet interesting people to have a chat with. That way, you have the opportunity to make closer acquaintance with the other anthro students instead of just saying “hi” to them in passing in the aisles of the department. And even if none of the regular guests happens to be present, you can borrow a key to the council room in the Völkerkundliche Bibliothek (department library) during the latter’s opening hours.

You are cordially invited to drop in at room 0.554 (IG), sip coffee with us, and come to know us. You can always talk to us if you have study-related problems; and maybe you have ideas of your own about how to enhance the study of social and cultural anthropology. Either way, we always enjoy seeing new faces in the student council room; you are also welcome to join our weekly council meetings.

In addition, you can network with us via our website or Facebook to get invitations to events and to give us feedback.