Dr. Rainer Hatoum

Academic Staff / Research Assistant
DFG research project The work and impact of Franz Boas as reflected in his shorthand records

Research areas

Native North America (Powwow, Plains, Southwest, Northwest Coast), History of Science (Boas), tangible and intangible Cultural Heritage, Museums/ History of collections, ethnomusicology (diverse native styles of music in North America), shorthand (historic)


Im Druck / in press “I wrote all my notes in shorthand. I hope that I will be able to read them”: A first glance into the treasure chest of Franz Boas’ shorthand writings. In Histories of Anthropology Annual, Vol. 10. (2015). University of Nebraska Press.
2015 Zeremoniallieder im Mediensog – Zur Problematik des ethnologischen Einsatzes und der Entfaltung von Medien anhand eines „kollaborativen“ Forschungsprojekts mit der Navajo Nation. In Bender, Cora und Martin Zillinger (Hg.). (2015). Handbuch der Medienethnographie. Berlin, 208-223.
2015 The Berlin Boas Northwest Coast Collection – A Challenging Vocabulary for cultural Translation. In Etges, Andreas; Viola König, Rainer Hatoum, and Tina Brüderlin (Hg.). (2014). Northwest Coast Representations: New Perspectives on History, Art, and Encounters. Berlin, 27-78.
2014 Das Medizinbündel des Benet Toehe – Eine Sammlung von Zeremonialobjekten der Navajo auf dem Prüfstand. Lübecker Beiträge zur Ethnologie, Band 7.
2011 Digitization and Partnership – The Berlin Northwest Coast Collection and the Future of the “Non-European Other” in the Humboldt-Forum. In Blätter, Andrea und Sabine Lang (Hg.). EthnoScripts – Contemporary Native American Studies, Jahrgang 13/ Heft 2/ 2011. Hamburg, 155-173.
2010 Musealizing Dialogue. In Guzy, Lidia, Rainer Hatoum, Susan Kamel (Hg.). From Imperial Museum to Communication Centre? – On the New Role of Museums as Mediators between Science and Non-Western Societies. Würzburg, 121-136.
2009 In the Light of the “Scientification” of Tradition. In Guzy, Lidia, Rainer Hatoum und Susan Kamel (Hg.). Museumsinseln/ Museum Islands. Berlin, 23-76.


23. März 2015 Franz Boas’ shorthand field notes – On his irst steps into the study of Native North America; AIW, Frankfurt a.M.
01. Feb. 2015 Seeking Dialogue and Collaboration – Personal reflections involving historic museum and archival collections from Native North America; SAIC, Qatar.