Preparatory Courses (Propädeutika)

The focus of the B1 and B2 German courses is the development and strengthening of German language skills. Since October 2016, subject specific preparatory courses (fachspezifische Propädeutika) have been available for participants who have completed B2 or are candidates for C1. These courses prepare applicants for their future studies or admission into a Studienkolleg – each course includes German intensive courses as well as optional G-, W-, M-, and T-courses*. These courses take place during the whole day for up to 28 hours per week at the Studienkolleg Frankfurt and lead – with an indirect university entrance exam – into the Studienkolleg. At the end of levels B2 and C1, every participant takes a UNIcert accredited certification test through the ISZ. The T-preparatory course is offered in cooperation with the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences.

Regular attendance at all courses is mandatory!

*G: Humanities/W: Economy/M: Medicine/T: Technology