How does it work?


1. Register: You can register here for Kompass³

2. Register for individual events: The Event Calendar contains all that is on offer in the current semester. Click on an event in the calendar for more information about registering.

3. Participate: For events which are offered directly by the Kompass³ programme (see information in the event calendar), your personal signature on the attendance list is sufficient. Regarding the events which are offered by one of our cooperation partners, the respective lecturer will either issue an individual confirmation for an event OR you can download our course attendance confirmation sheet and ask the respective lecturer for their signature.

4. Get your official certificate: Once you have fulfilled all requirements for the successful completion of the Kompass³ programme, send us the "Appplication for the Certificate" (available under Downloads). Just contact us at with the subject line “Certificate completed“.

What do I have to keep in mind?

Kompass³ is structured in three branches:

  • Study Techniques and Language
  • Job and Career
  • Intercultural and Social Competences

For each hour of an event you attend, you receive 5 points. You need a total of 250 points to receive the certificate. Of course you can participate in more events. You have to attend a minimum of two events in each of the branches mentioned above and are free to choose the seventh event.