Official project description

>> Goethe University Frankfurt – Press Release /4 th March 2016

The project “Aequitas – competence in studies and job“ is Goethe University’s contribution to the joint project “Realising Potential II. University – Integration – Job Market. Improving the employability of students and graduates from Hessian universities by means of focused mentoring and welcoming programmes“. The Aequitas project is carried out in cooperation by the Goethe University’s International Office, the Student Service Center and the Equal Opportunities Office.

The goal of this project is to support international students in particular as they strive for success in their studies, and to show them their individual potential as well as work conditions and requirements later in life so as to facilitate their transition to the workplace. It aims to reduce typical obstacles for the target groups – such as lack of social networks, the feeling of being excluded, language barriers, and lack of information and orientation – and to foster their potential by a wide range of targeted measures and offers.

It is planned to establish and implement a certification programme, primarily targeted at international students, which comprises custom-fit modules specifically designed for the target group and consists of three interlinked areas: “Study Techniques and Language“, “Job and Career“, and “Intercultural and Social Competences“. These will be combined with existing Goethe University schemes and measures to create an innovative and flexible programme that is expected to attract over 1,500 participants, an extraordinarily high number of students, to whom it offers a precise curricular programme: Over a period of (as a rule) three semesters, participants are expected to attend a minimum of seven events, which must include two from each topic area. Any further events may be combined individually. This includes, in particular, an innovative Buddy programme for international students as well as training conducted by the International Career Services and the Equal Opportunities Office. Certification by Goethe University after completion of the programme means participation counts as study performance. At the same time, by way of establishing support structures and other schemes e.g. for training tutors, the measures contribute to the teaching of intercultural and job-specific competences and so have a considerable impact on the university itself. Depending on capacity, the offers developed for this programme may also be made available to students who do not wish to participate in the full certification programme.

The programme thus consists of a wide range of offers tailored to the needs of students as well as the world of work. The offers will be communicated by appropriate means. Furthermore, a planned cooperation with the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences in the areas of International Career Services is designed to quickly create palpable local synergy effects across borders of different types of universities and colleges, and to strengthen sustainability.


Currently, the Kompass Programme is sponsored by the DAAD, the German Academic Exchange Service. The DAAD is the world's largest funding organization for the international exchange of students and researchers.

When the project first started in 2016, the Kompass Programme was sponsored by the ESF (European Social Fund). The Goethe University’s project was a part of a joint project of Hessian universities titled “Realising Potential. University – Integration – Job Market“.