Partners at Goethe University

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Students of the Goethe University are teaching free German classes for refugees on levels A1 to B1

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study assistants

The study assistants support refugees who are interested in studying during their first orientation, during their search for and application for study opportunities and also during the search for alternatives.


Goethe-Uni Law Clinic

Law students under the supervision of experienced professionals offer free advise to refugees and migrants in legal matters in the areas of migartion and social law.

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Interdisziplinäres Kolleg für Hochschuldidaktik

The college offers further education trainings for refugees with academic teaching experience. This can help refugees to start their academic career in Germany.

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Psychosocial Counseling

The team offers help with difficulties in concentration, sleep disorders, sadness or mood fluctuations, for example through individual and group consultations or exchange about cultural differences.

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academic experience Worldwide e.V.

ae Worldwide organizes tandem programs between German students and refugees with academic degrees. This is accompanied by a regular colloquium, which serves as an open space for intercultural exchange.


Internationaler Studientreff (IST)

The IST wants to help international students during their first steps at the university and in Frankfurt and to get in touch with other students. Therefore they offer a consultation hour and "Get together" meetings, which are supposed to give you useful information about the german culture, everyday life, the university etc.


Internationales Studienzentrum (ISZ)

The ISZ combines offers of the Goethe University in the areas German as a foreign language, foreign laguages and study preparations for international study applicants.

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International Career Service

The International Career Service offers special workshops for international students, including lectures on subjects like scholarships, key aspects of professional life and job portfolio checks. Individual counselling for application documents occur Wednesday morning by appointment.

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