Get involved with your faculty, the university, and Frankfurt

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It is up to you how to structure your studies and what use to make of your times outside the lectures. It is absolutely possible to attend university only for the compulsory classes and to manage your social life, contacts, hobbies etc. off campus. However, if you do that you may miss out on an important part of your student days! Studying is not only about lectures and endless hours spent in one library or another, but it is also and even more so about the people you meet and experiences you make outside the “compulsory programme“. Whether it is the Erstie-Woche (Fresher’s Week) at the beginning of the studies, your first party organised by the students’ body or an unusual class offered as part of university sports – there is a lot to discover and experience outside the lecture halls and libraries. Go out and make some memorable experiences, meet people who will enrich your life beyond university! Here is a list of suggestions and possibilities for getting involved at university and in Frankfurt.

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At university level

Goethe University offers numerous interesting and affordable leisure activities. These are interdisciplinary, i.e. students can partake irrespective of which subject they study or what programme they are enrolled in, and thus are a great opportunity to meet students from other faculties and to make friends outside your own field.

At faculty level

At faculty level, too, there are many opportunities to meet new people and get involved. A well-known example is voluntary engagement in the respective student body. All students of one faculty form the so-called “Fachschaft“ and elect their representative body, the “Fachschaftsrat“, in university elections. You can benefit from their offers even without actively participating. Many Fachschaften organise parties at regular intervals – a good opportunity to get to know fellow students in a relaxed atmosphere. They also usually organise the customary fresher’s week (Einführungswoche or O-Woche) for first semester students, which includes pub evenings, campus tours and much more. The Fachschaft web pages often have interesting tips about lectures, new student-led initiatives, autonomous tutorials and much more.

Another good way to get involved is to work as an undergraduate  or student assistant (in German “Hiwi", from “Hilfswissenschaftler“) at your faculty or in of the university’s central institutions. For example, if you are interested in the teaching and research focus of a particular professor, ask if there are vacancies. Subscribe to your faculty’s newsletter, if there is one; they often advertise internships and part-time jobs. In short, be pro-active and take up your faculty’s offers to become a part of the university and make new friends!  

In Frankfurt

If you would like to explore Frankfurt together with other German and international students, you should have a look at the calendar of events published by the Internationaler Studientreff (IST). The IST organises regular excursions and events in Frankfurt and the surrounding area, usually free of charge. And there is much more to discover in the city and surroundings! We have collected a few tips and suggestions for activities in Frankfurt here. If you are interested in voluntary work anywhere in Hessen, you can click here for information.