Publications & Conferences

Publications 2014

A. V. Spivak, N. A. Solopova, V. Cerantola, E. Bykova, E. Zakharchenko, L. Dubrovinsky and Y. A. Litvin. Raman study of MgCO3-FeCO3 carbonate solid solution at high pressures up to 55 GPa. Physics and Chemistry of Minerals, 41:633-638, 2014.

Conference contributions 2014

M. Koch-Müller. Advances in High-pressure Experimentation: application to carbonate and oxide systems. Seminar at the Geophysical Laboratory of Carnegie Science, 2014.

J. Müller, D. Rhede and M. Koch-Müller. Melting relations in the system CaCO3-MgCO3 at 6 GPa. DMG 2014, Talk.

C. Sternemann. How to study low Z element's absorption edges at extreme conditions. ESRF spectroscopy seminar 2014, Talk.