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Note that these informations and links do not have an English version yet and are only available in German! 

Erstsemester-Infos der Fachschaft (Informations for new students - student council physics)

Online Studienwahl Assistent für Studieninteressierte (Online assistant for choosing your course of studies)

Online-Mathematik-Brückenkurs (Online mathematics course for new students)

Wir im Studienführer Physik (representation in the physics study guide Wiki)

An Overview:

Course of studies Physics (Ba/Ma), Examinations (german pdf)

Courses of Studies at the Faculty of Physics (13)

  • Pursued degree "Physics", Bachelor and Master
  • Pursued degree "Physics with a focus on information technology", Bachelor and Master
  • Pursued degree "Physics with a focus on Computational Physics", Master
  • Pursued degreel "Biophysics", Bachelor and Master
    Further Informations
  • Pursued degree teaching degree (state examination) for primary and secondary schools (L1, L2, L3, L5) 

The course of studies for the pursued degree "Physics diploma" has been replaced by the Bachelor/Master courses of studies. New students can not enroll for the diploma course of studies. Those who are already enrolled in the old diploma course of studies may continue their studies and still gain their diploma degree.

Study advisory service

Orientational events (Schedule of lectures)