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Orientation days for international students

The International Office offers orientation programmes for newly enrolled international Bachelor’s and Master’s students prior to the start of their studies.

This is an opportunity to meet other students and to learn about special offers for international students by institutions and contacts within and outside the university. Experienced students offer advice on how to structure and plan your studies, and answer your questions.

It is highly recommended you participate in the orientation programme. Please register in good time!

Contact: Barbara Budzisz (io-orientierung@uni-frankfurt.de)

Brochure for first semester students and study and examination regulations

You will be issued the “Orientation Guide for First Semester Students“ together with your Goethe Card. It contains the most important information about Goethe University, how to organise your studies and take your first steps at the university. You can access your study regulation online once you have chosen your programme from the list. You should also have a look at the examination regulations, which are available from your faculty’s examinations office (usually also online).

Orientation events organised by the faculties

These orientation events offer information about your faculty, the course of your studies and what is expected from the students. They usually take place before the start of studies. Look out for the relevant information (e.g. registering for classes, language courses, language tests etc.). Further important information is available on the web pages of your faculty or institute.

“Unistart“ Fair

Each semester, Goethe University organises the “Unistart“ Fair for first semester students. It takes place on the Campus Westend. You will be welcomed by representatives of the university, the students’ representative body AstA and the city of Frankfurt, and there are numerous booths where you can get information on what’s being offered by the university and the city, and make first contacts. Find out about the libraries, the university’s IT centre "HRZ“ (Hochschulrechenzentrum), the Studien Service Center, Career Services, the sports centre and many student groups. You can also pick up your Uni Start bag, which is filled with flyers, information and small gifts. This is followed in the evening by the first big student party, also on Campus Westend, where you can meet fellow students from all faculties. Don’t miss out on this opportunity!

Classes & schedules

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It is a good idea to create your schedule before the lectures start so that you can check any questions and unclear issues with your academic advisor and are well prepared for the upcoming semester. The orientation events organised by your faculty are a great help in creating your schedule; you will be shown how the modules are structured and in which order you have to take them, and you probably will receive a sample study schedule. Make sure to take into consideration the requirements of your study regulations when you plan your schedule! The course catalogue lists all classes on offer and where and when they take place. You can get more information about the German teaching and studying culture here!

Video “How to create my schedule“

Course catalogue

Registering for classes

Once you have figured out how many (and which) classes you must or want to participate in during your first semester, and what performance records are required, you must register online for the classes in the course catalogue (link see above). Your HRZ (IT centre) data will give you access to the course catalogue, where you can create your personal schedule and find out about time, location, date and content of the individual classes. If the registration deadline for a particular class has already expired, it is worth contacting the lecturer (during their consultation hour or by email) and to explain your situation as an international student and the particular challenges facing you at the beginning. It is important that you don’t overload your schedule with too many classes during your first semester.

The web pages of the Studien Service Center also offer more detailed information regarding starting your studies, your first semester and further progress of your studies. Do check these out to ensure you are well prepared for studying at Goethe University!