Orientation for International First Semester Students

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Dear International First Semester Students!

Welcome to Goethe University Frankfurt am Main. For a successful start of your academic career, the team for Academic Success and Integration would like to accompany your first steps at university and invites you to join this semester's orientation programme.

The orientation event for first year international bachelor and state examination students will take place on September 29th until 30th, 2022.
The orientation event for first year international master students will take place on October 5th until 6th 2022 in room 311 of the IG-Farben Building.
Below, you will find the orientation event's leaflet, which includes the event's schedule. You can register for the event here: 
If you have any questions about your individual study programs, please contact your department directly. For current information on campus, please click here.


This is what the orientation programs offer:

  • A first introduction to learning and working at the Goethe University?

  • Finding your way around the university, both regarding location and content (“Where is lecture hall V? What exactly happens in a lecture?“).

  • First steps to structure your studies and know what is expected from you (“What do examination regulations say? How do I organise my undergraduate studies?“).

  • An overview of subject-specific introduction sessions and counselling services (“When is the introduction session for sociology and what I can learn in Professor X’s office hours?“).

  • Contact with students who are in the same situation (“Shall we go to this seminar together?“) and to services helping international students (“Who is in charge of what?“).

If you have any further questions, contact us:

Global Affairs Study and Teaching
Campus Westend, PEG building
Barbara Budzisz
2nd floor, room 2.182
Email: b.budzisz@em.uni-frankfurt.de
Tel.: 069/798-38 38

We hope you will enjoy these orientation events and wish you lots of success with your studies.

The Orientation Team, Global Affairs Study and Teaching