A career in your home country

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Make your experiences from Germany count back home

Perhaps you are not planning a career in Germany but want to return to your home country and there make use of the knowledge you’ve gained at Goethe University. However, for some people it isn’t all that easy to return home, or perhaps finding a job proves challenging because you no longer have the necessary contacts and networks. It may even be that you experience a “second“ culture shock when you go back home. There are a number of organisations in Germany that can help you prepare your return and that support you in your search for a job back home.

There are reintegration programmes mainly directed at nationals from developing countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America who plan to return to their home countries after graduating. These programmes are targeted towards development objectives.

The following is a first overview of organisations that offer general reintegration support and in some cases even financial help:


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Centrum für internationale Migration und Entwicklung

"The Centre for International Migration and Development (CIM) is the competence centre for global labour mobility in the international cooperation activities of the German Government."

It helps techincal experts and managers find employment worldwide. Its services include a data base for job opportunities worldwide, listed by country, with a focus on developing and emerging countries.

In specific cases, there may be subsidies for travel costs, salaries and setting up your workplace.

Zentrale Auslands- und Fachvermittlung (International Placement Services) - ZAV

The Employment Agency’s “Zentrale Auslands- und Fachvermittlung“ (International Placement Services) advises international job seekers planning to return to their home country. They offer a wide range of information including seminars and individual consultations.

Zentrale Ausland – und Fachvermittlung Frankfurt (ZAV)
Emil- von-Behring-Straße 10
60439 Frankfurt am Main
Tel.: 069/59768-109

World University Service - WUS

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Going home and starting a job

International students can also get advice on returning to their home country and starting a job from the World University Service. The WSU offers reintegration seminars and a network that will facilitate finding a job and making contacts when you return home.

Further reintegration services associated with WUS

  • STUBE - preparational internships and study stays: for students from Africa, Asia and South America, who want to prepare their return via a study stay or internship in their home country. STUBE takes care of travel and insurance costs for those who are granted support.  
  • REAG/GARP: Reintegration and Emigration Programme for Asylum Seekers in Germany und Government Assisted Repatriation Programme 
  • SOLWODI (Solidarity with women in distress): Assisting women with reintegration in work and social structures in developing countries and countries of Middle and Eastern Europe.

Brot für die Welt / Bread for the World – Protestant Development Service

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Reintegration Programme

The reintegration programme targets specialists and graduates from Africa, Asia and Latin America who live in Germany but want to return to their homecountry after having been engaged in issues of developmental politics. The skills acquired in Germany should be used in developmental work in cooperation with partner organizations of the Protestant Development Service.