Out and about in Germany

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Deutsche Bahn – German Rail

If you want to travel by train outside Hessen, you can get a ticket either at a ticket machine at any station or book online (www.bahn.de) or with the Deutsche Bahn App (DB Navigator).

As a rule, the earlier you book a longer journey, the better the deal. There are many other possibilities for saving money on train tickets – make sure to do some research, e.g. by using the Deutsche Bahn’s special offer service. Here you will find many special tickets for travelling across various German states or all of Germany. There are super deals for groups.

Besides the special offers listed on the page linked above, here is a tip for spontaneous travellers who want to go far: Ltur offers low-price tickets, available as of 7 days before you start your journey.

Long-distance busses - "Fernbusse"

Another cheap alternative for train travel is the long-distance bus. This takes longer but is a cheap and comfortable alternative for travelling within Germany and Europe, from city to city or to certain airports. Usually, all you have to do is find a tour on the website of the relevant provider, book online, get your ticket and take it for the journey. In Frankfurt, the stops for long-distance busses are located on the south side of the main train station.

On www.fernbusse.de (and on www.checkmybus.de; www.busliniensuche.de; www.fahrtenfuchs.de) you enter your travel date and destination and get an overview of the mini busses and long-distance busses going to your destination. You can also check for cheap train tickets and for car pooling.

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Car Pooling

Car pooling is usually cheaper than going by train: someone who has a car offers free spaces on a specific route for a small price. Most of the time, car pooling is arranged online: you register, find someone going to your destination, arrange a meeting with the driver and pay either online before the trip or in cash after the trip. Of course you can also offer your own car – or even organise group travel by train and share the (cheaper) price of a group ticket. Usually you can also get a ride in a women-only car.

BlablaCar: Germany’s biggest car pooling provider - www.blablacar.de

Flinc: Car pooling for every day - www.flinc.de

Besser Mitfahren: An alternative provider for car pooling without fees. Some offers are completely for free - www.bessermitfahren.de.