Out and about in Frankfurt

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Public transport – out and about with the semester ticket / Goethe Card

Goethe-University students can use local public transport free of charge in the area for which it is valid (see below). Local public transport includes S-Bahn, U-Bahn, city busses, trams, and regional trains, but not IC / EC / ICE trains. Go here for more information on using the semester ticket.

The semester ticket is currently valid in all of Hessen, but this may change with every semester. You can check the current status here.

You must always show your Goethe Card as public transport ticket; otherwise you have to pay a fee of €7. The Goethe Card must be validated once a semester (for details, see Information on and location of validation points on every campus).

If you need to find the quickest route from A to B or the current schedules, check out the website of the RMV (Rhein-Main-Verkehrsbund) or the RMV App.

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Unfortunately, taking the taxi in Germany is not exactly cheap. For each journey, a base fee is charged (in Frankfurt, that is around €3,50) and to this is added a fee per kilometre (in Frankfurt around €2,00) plus charges for waiting.The public transport infrastructure in Frankfurt and the Rhein-Main region is quite well developed; you can get everywhere without having to take a taxi. However, if you do need one, there are various taxi companies in Frankfurt. There is also a special taxi service for women – information can be found here.

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Out and about by bicycle – Call-a-Bike

The Deutsche Bahn (German Rail) has rental bicycles, the so-called call-a-bikes, which are free of charge for students at Goethe University. They are parked at many stations in Frankfurt and easy to use – once you’ve registered on the AstA website, all it takes is a phone call and you can go!

However, use is only free of charge if you comply with certain requirements, such as returning your call-a-bike to a station (and not just leaving it anywhere), or not using it for more than 45 minutes without a break. More information and instructions on how to use this rental service for the first time is available here.

Tip: Other German cities also offer call-a-bikes. When you go there, you can use the bikes with your account and so explore the city in a cheap and fun way.