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Frankfurt and the surrounding area have a lot to offer besides the university and a great skyline. It’s easy to explore on your own or in a guided tour, by foot, by bus, boat or bicycle.

The following pages offer suggestions for discovering the city:

Hessen-wide destinations (transport free of charge with your student ID/Goethe Card):

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Click your way though this comprehensive overview of Frankfurt’s attractions, festivals, traditions and much more: www.frankfurt.de/Stadtportrait

By the way: Your Goethe Card gives you free access to the Palmengarten (botanical garden), located between the university campus Bockenheim and Westend, which is well worth a visit both in summer and in winter. Likewise, entry to some museums is free for students with the Culture Ticket. Read about details here: Discounts for students.

Further links with useful information about Frankfurt:

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