Temporary accomodation

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Hostels, youth hostels and couch surfing

If you need a place to stay for just a few days or weeks (while you are looking for a permanent home), a hostel or a youth hostel is a good solution (prices for a place in a dormitory as of €17 per night). Online portals offer a good overview for comparing availability, prices and user reviews for the different hostels.

Selection of hostels in Frankfurt:

Platforms such as Couchsurfing also offer opportunities for short term accommodation free of charge including personal contact to locals, although just for a few days: www.couchsurfing.com

AStA action week

If you just can’t find a flat or a place to stay and the semester is about to begin, you can usually find temporary shelter with the AStA, the students’ representative body. During the first week of the lecture period in the winter semester, there are cots available for students, as well as Internet access, a simple kitchen and a washing facilities. The AStA also offers a programme of events during the week.

>> Further information about this special week and conditions (in German)

>> Registration

How to contact the AStA in general:

Mertonstraße 26-28
Frankfurt am Main
Telephone: 069-798-23181
E-Mail: info@asta.uni-frankfurt.de