Telecom services

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Using your mobile phone from back home here in Germany  is usually very expensive. It is easier and cheaper to get a new SIM card or mobile phone contract. There are many providers to choose from, with offers ranging from prepaid cards to comprehensive contracts. Your needs determine your choice! Do you want fast Internet connection, a high-volume data package and unlimited phone time, or are you happy with a limited number of free minutes or text messages and save some money? No matter what you choose, you should first compare the products offered by the different providers to find what suits you best!  Often there are special offers and discounts for students – so have a close look and if you’re not sure, ask! Also bear in mind that contracts are often long-term and not easy to terminate prematurely!

The best-known providers in Germany

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Here’s a list of the best-known mobile service providers in Germany:




Deutsche Telekom






Ortel (This is particulaly advantageous for making calls abroad)


There are also many web pages where you can compare the offers and prices of different providers. Here are some of them:

1) Smartchecker

2) Check24

3) Billliger Telefonieren