Knowledge of German and foreign languages

Internationales Studienzentrum (International Study Centre) ISZ

The ISZ pools Goethe University’s wide and diverse range of offers in the areas German as foreign language, foreign languages, and how to prepare for your studies as an international applicant.

  • Studienkolleg (preparatory college): preparation for the assessment test (Feststellungsprüfung) and the foundation course for medicine (Medizin-Propädeutikum)
  • DSH Courses: preparation for the test of German language skills at university level (Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang)
  • German classes: German as language of instruction in your studies, German beginners classes for Master students and visiting scholars
  • Writing support (Schreibberatung) for international students and doctoral candidates
  • Writing cafe (Schreibcafe)
  • Finding a language tandem

Internationales Studienzentrum ISZ

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German language courses

Here you can find an overview of the German language courses currently on offer:

Methods & study skills

Schreibzentrum (writing centre)

The Schreibzentrum offers courses, workshops and consultation hours related to academic writing; these courses are open to all students. There is also a wide choice of useful material for downloading. The ISZ (Internationales Studienzentrum) also offers special writing support for international students.


Writing support offered by the ISZ

If you struggle with the challenges of academic writing in German, we encourage you to make use of the ISZ’s writing support services.

Writing support offered by the ISZ

University library

You can book any of a number of courses and guided tours, e.g. for finding specific literature, using the data base etc. These are skills which are very important to your studies!

Courses and guided tours offered by the university library

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Frankfurter Akademisches Schlüsselkompetenz-Training (training academic key competences)

The Frankfurter Akademisches Schlüsselkompetenz-Training offers training of academic key competences. In groups, students can acquire essential study techniques and skills and reflect on how they experience and cope with their studies and how they can develop these skills further. This training offers a wide range of programmes on learning strategies, time management, media skills etc.

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Programme “Starker Start ins Studium“ (Kick-off your studies!)

There are four cross-faculty centres with a variety of offers to develop essential study skills:

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Hochschulrechenzentrum - HRZ (university IT centre)

The university’s IT Centre offers numerous training opportunities on how to use computers and software.

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The International Office together with the Career Service and the Equal Opportunities Office, offers the Kompass3 Certification Programme for international students. International students can participate in numerous workshops and seminars in order to develop a variety of skills necessary for successful studies and a good career start. We work together with a number of internal and external cooperation partners. After successful participation in the programme, students will receive an official certificate of participation which they can use for their CV.