On campus

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We have compiled some important information to make it easier for you to find your way around the various campuses of Goethe University. Do make yourself familiar with this!

There are many privileges and discounts available to students, not just on campus. Check out the information here:  >> Discounts for students

Internet & WiFi

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Students have wireless access across the entire Goethe University campus. You need an account with the HRZ, the Hochschulrechenzentrum (the university’s IT centre), which you are assigned when you enrol. Your HRZ account consists of a login name (also referred to as login, user name, and in German: Benutzername or Nutzername) and a university email address (“login“@stud.uni-frankfurt.de). You can use these access data to log into the eduroam network.

>> Click here for the HRZ pages

Safety on Campus

While Goethe University is full of students at day, it can get a little lonely here at night. To help you move around campus feeling secure, Goethe University offers different services and information.

>> "Sicher über den Campus"

>> Flyer "Safety on Campus"

>> Counselling and support services 



Goethe University operates many libraries, focusing on different areas and situated in various locations. The university libraries’ pages tell you which library is located on your campus.

University Library (UB)


Once you arrive on campus, your first task is to find your way around. These new maps can help you.


Mensa (cafeteria)

There’s no good studying on an empty stomach. The Studentenwerk's cafeterias offer a wide-range of affordable and healthy food.


Time-out on campus

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Life at university can be stressful. The Campus Westend offers various options for a quick time-out. Large lawns invite you to stop for a break, as do these places:

  • The Grüneburgpark is directly adjacent to the campus. It offers beautiful lawns and a Korean garden – a perfect refuge. >> Grüneburgpark
  • The Café Hopplo, in the building of the catholic and protestant student communities (KHG and ESG) is a favourite with coffee lovers. They roast their own coffee and have won prizes for their Latte Art. >> Cafe Hopplo
  • In the warm season, the Sommergarten next to the Casino is guaranteed to fulfil your expectation of a great beer garden. >> Sommergarten
  • If you need a quiet moment, try the Haus der Stille (House of Silence). It serves as a place to come down and perhaps meditate and is open to anyone who wants to ponder their relationship to God or is simply looking for a few minutes of quiet solitude.   >>Haus der Stille


Riedberg is a busy campus, but here too you can find places to relax for a while:

  • The grass-covered stairs behind the Physics building as well as the inner courtyard are good places for taking a break.  >> Physik Riedberg
  • If you’re looking for a good place to have a cup of coffe, we recommend the cafeteria of the Bio Centre „Pi x Daumen“ >> Pi x Daumen


The Bockenheim Campus, for many years the hub of the Goethe University, will be a “cultural campus“ in the future. Its central location is ideal for taking an invigorating break:

  • The Palmengarten (botanical garden) invites you to take a break amongst exotic plants. Entry is free for students with a valid Goethe Card. >> Palmengarten
  • A colourful mix of shops for your daily needs, fashionable shops, snack stands and restaurants line the Leipziger Straße in Bockenheim. >> Leipziger Straße
  • The Studierendenhaus run by the AStA, the students’ representative body, has various rooms for student events, and the Cafe KOZ beckons for a quick break. >> Studierendenhaus


Campus Niederrad is the home of Goethe University’s busy medical and dentistry students. But here too you can find a few quiet places for a break from your studies:

  • The KOMM is a student-run cafe offering many varieties of coffee and cakes, and you can distract yourself by playing a round of billard. The KOMM is open Mondays to Fridays from 10:00-15:00.  >> KOMM-Café
  • A further recommendation is the Cafeteria im Haus 23.
  • And if you have a little more time – you are not far from the banks of the Main with its many green spaces and interesting museums.