Learning German – offers for international students

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There are many opportunities for international students registered at Goethe University to learn German, or improve their German language skills. The ISZ (International Study Centre) is in charge of most of the courses and also offers additional services, such as the Schreibcafe (writing café), to support students in writing their term papers. As a rule, courses at the beginning of the studies or during the studies are free of charge.

Furthermore, students can at any time avail themselves of online language courses, in addition to a regular language course or separately, to improve their German.

Course offers

Before you start

Preparatory courses for the DSH exams (“Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang“, the German Language Assessment for Applicants with Foreign University Entrance Qualification) and intensive courses of 4 or 5 weeks to prepare you for your studies in Germany (20 hours/week; fee-based)!

When you begin your studies

Programmes for exchange students (free of charge). Courses will take place at the beginning of each semester.

Intensive courses for new enrolled students (who passed the DSH examination) in undergraduate and Master's programmes! Courses are free of charge and are held in the weeks before classes start.

During your studies

Various offers for improving your German skills (free of charge) for all international students!

Additionally, there are beginner's courses for students of Master's programmes in English (without DSH examination, for beginners and more advanced levels).

Courses for PhD candidates

The Goethe Graduate Academy (GRADE) offers various German courses specifically for PhD candidates.

German courses outside Goethe University

In an international city like Frankfurt you will find many German language courses outside the university; however, you will have to pay for them. Below is a list of places in Frankfurt that offer courses.