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RSC-Event: Meet the Grant Providers - Virtual Edition 2021

On March 25, 2021, Goethe University’s Research Service Center hosts the event „Meet the Grant Providers – Virtual 2021”. Similar to 2018, representatives of a diverse range of funding agencies will present third-party funding opportunities especially geared towards Early Career Researchers. The event takes place in German language in Zoom and is designed to provide advanced doctoral students, postdocs, junior research group leaders and junior professors with insights about how to boost their grant-writing success. GU’s Vice President for International Affairs, Diversity and Equality Prof. Rolf van Dick will be speaking some introductory words. Prof. Andreas Vogel, who is currently heading a Emmy Noether Junior Research Group funded by the German Science Foundation, is scheduled to talk about his personal experiences with acquiring third-party funding for his work. Throughout the day, all representatives will be available in separate one-hour Q&A sessions that are offered concurrently with the presentations that are taking place in the main virtual meeting room. In addition, participants can seek out representatives of other GU departments relevant for their third-party funding activities and they can get in touch with RSC consultants, which will be available to answer questions during the entire event. ECRs of universities that are part of RMU are free to register and participate. Non-German speakers may still profit from stopping by virtually as all Q&A sessions are open to participants able to speak English.

Please register by March 21, 2021, by sending an email to

More information and the finalized program of the event will soon be available on this webpage.

Information about the lineup of the event is provided in our flyer.

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