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Save the Date: InfoChat Research Funding – Becoming a Group Leader

Do you want to start or expand your own group with third party funding? Are you in the process of building your profile for a group leader position? Are you familiar with major funding lines or do you even have first-hand experience acquiring grants, but don’t know where to turn for getting answers on specific questions?

In this workshop, you get to meet RS’s (Research Support, Goethe University) grants consultants who will be working with you during the application phase and in the process of developing your profile. They will provide a short overview of national and European research funding for current and potential group leaders.

This event is geared towards Goethe University’s postdoctoral researchers of all disciplines hoping to start or consolidate their own team and looking for funding for their independent research project.

Our InfoChat works like an informal group conversation, which leaves room for all of your questions. After an introductory presentation, we will talk about your personal navigation within the funding lines that are available to researchers in Germany. In a plenum with the other participants, you will have enough time to ask your questions about the DFG Emmy Noether, Walter Benjamin and Heisenberg Programmes, the Starting and Consolidator Grants of the European Research Council (ERC), and other potential funding opportunities for junior research groups. 

The workshop will be held online (via Zoom) and in English on 30 March 2023 10–12 am.

Please register via the following email-address: .