In the Level project ("Level - Lehrerbildung vernetzt entwickeln": improving teacher training in cooperation), we aim at developing teacher training by increasing interdisciplinary cooperation in teaching and research. Projects are methodologically linked by applying and evaluating video-based learning scenarios and video-based research strategies. Concerning the theoretical background, teaching and research activities within Level are related by drawing on theories of teachers’ professional vision and heterogeneity in educational contexts.

In the context of the cluster of educational and psychological sciences, we are conducting studies in both areas – heterogeneous classrooms and applying videos in teacher training. Currently, we are investigating the following research questions:

- Does the application of metacognitive prompts improve the professional vision of student teachers when learning with classroom videos? A training experiment.

- Development of modules on dimensions of heterogeneity within schools and classrooms in an online learning environment with the program Vigor (in cooperation with Katja Adl-Amini, Martina Hehn-Oldiges, Nicola Meschede and Nadine Weber, Level, Cluster of Educational and Psychological Sciences, FB 04)

- Beliefs of student teachers towards teaching in heterogeneous classrooms. Experiments on the effect of teacher beliefs on constructs of teachers’ professional action competence.

- A systematic literature review of international research literature on studies of beliefs of (student) teachers on teaching in heterogeneous classrooms.

The Level project is a university-wide project which is funded by the federal states as part of the communal Qualitätsoffensive Lehrerbildung (quality offensive teacher training).

Researcher: Charlotte Dignath und Franziska Baier

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