I want to do a doctorate. What do I have to do?

Develop your research question

If you are already clear about your research field, you should first of all gain a general overview of the current state of research, which means that reading and literature research are your top priority. In this way, you will already be able to identify gaps within your research field, on the basis of which you can roughly outline your research question.



Find a supervisor

You can use these initial thoughts and a first idea for a research question to compile a preliminary written draft, which you can present to potential supervisors and discuss with them. You should enquire beforehand about where your project would be in good hands.
Potential supervisors are the professors at the Faculty but also senior lecturers (please consult §4 Paragraph 3 of the Doctorate Regulations for precise details). You will find an overview of the professors and other staff on the institutes’ websites, i.e. it is best that you go with your idea or draft during office hours to your potential supervisor.

Institute of Sociology

Institute of Political Science