Our Objective

The Goethe Goes Global scholarship for master’s programmes is a ground­breaking project, and unique in the academic landscape of Germany. In this programme, up to 20 scholarships are awarded per year. For more information on the various consecutive master's degree programmes (content, requirements, language of instruction etc.) supported by Goethe Goes Global, please follow this link.

The purpose of the scholarship is to foster your academic career and support you during your master’s studies. A master’s degree is the prerequisite for starting a PhD in one of the research units at Goethe University. This could contribute to your career as an outstanding researcher and specialist in your field.

Some programmes even offer participation in our strongest research units (collaborative research centers, LOEWE CENTERS and Clusters of Excellence) at the university, appropriate for those of you interested in research. If you’re interested in one of our programmes and your primary motiva­tion is research, please name your preferred research unit in your application.

Please note that not all of the master programmes are connected to a research unit.