What we offer


The Goethe Goes Global Scholarship offers:

- A monthly scholarship amount of 1,000€ for the standard period of a master’s programme at Goethe-University (generally 2 years)

- Access to seminars focusing on professional skills at our Graduate Academy (GRADE), normally open only to PhD students and postdocs

- Access to an innovative research environment and networks that connect you with fellow scholarship holders and other advanced researchers

- Career support through Goethe University’s Research Support Office

If you opt to select a research unit in your application and the research unit is nominating you, you will receive: 

- The option of having excellent academic supervision by professors and academic staff who, in most cases, work in the distinguished research units at the university 

- The option to write your master's thesis and other seminar papers or do an internship in an appropriate research unit at the university

- Insight and involvement in the activities of multidisciplinary research groups at Goethe University