Working in Frankfurt after graduation in another country

What are the preconditions I need to fulfil if I graduated abroad and I want to exercise the profession of a medical practitioner in Germany?

The preconditions are as follows:

  • You need to have your foreign qualifications recognized by a competent authority (Landesprüfungsamt). If you hold a foreign professional qualification as a doctor of medicine/medical practitioner and wish to work in that profession in Germany, you need an official, state-issued accreditation, the so-called "Approbation". This Approbation is an unrestricted occupational license. It is mandatory should you wish to practice as a doctor of medicine/medical practitioner at a hospital or intend to open up your own practice.
  • You need to proof that you have a proper command of the German language
  • You need to present a clearance certificate

We at the university cannot be of further help regarding the recognition procedure. Please turn to the website of the Federal Ministry of Education and Research.