General information

What possibilities do I have to get financial support for my studies?

  • Scholarship funding: Scholarship are meant to help you fund your studies completely or at least partially. A list of all scholarhip providers in Germany who support international students at German universities and additional information are listed in this brochure.

  • BAföG: The BAföG is the state tuition funding in Germany. International students can only apply in exceptional cases. However, it is worth a try. The Studentenwerk Frankfurt can advise you and help you during the application process.

  • Education loans: In some cases student loans can be a quick solution to financial problems. However, you should think twice, before taking out a loan. Maybe there are still other options. When obtaining loans often the same criteria have to be met, as when applying for BAföG. 

  • Emergency aid: There are some organizations and places you can to go to in case of a financial emergency which is not the result of your own fault.

Please refer to this leaflet for further information on BAföG, student loans and financial emergencies.

How do I find a job in order to finance my studies?

There are plenty of possibilities for students to find a part time job while studying. However, your studies should always be the main focus. Information on how to find a student job and what to know about legal conditions can be found in this brochure.


How do I find a place to live?

Finding an affordable place to live in and around Frankfurt is not an easy task. Dorm rooms are quite popular and you may have to wait for some time to get one. Try to apply as early as possible for a dorm room and get informed about other possibilities for accommodation in Frankfurt. Apart from dorm rooms, a room in a shared flat or your own flat, there are alternative dwelling forms available. We have brought together plenty of information on "Living in Frankfurt" in this flyer.